Thursday, March 01, 2007

Zoo...ming around the block

Up at the zoo again tonight but for me it was a take it easy session - or meant to be. With my mad March weekend fast aproaching, if I am to stand any chance of ... well, remaining standing at the end of it, I had to take it easy tonight. Unfortunately, although I took it easy in terms of slow times (we ran the four sets of single loop then small loop with about 60s recoveries) it was bloody hard work. I was about 4-5s seconds down on my recent lap times but it felt just as hard work. Oh well, [shrugs shoulders].

As you can see the blog is back, posting on the same day as I enter it - I managed to give the T-850 spam-prevention robot the slip, hopefully, after being run over by a tanker, burnt, blown up and finally crushed, he won't be bothering me again.

And finally,
I'm resting tomorrow,
I'll ease through the day.
No gym or a jog,
as my muscles unclog.
On Saturday ready,
to Abergavenny.
A fell race I'll rumble,
they call it the Tumble.
Thought for the day: Why do people order double cheeseburger, large fries and a DIET Coke?

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Anonymous said...

Thinks there's a career in poetry for you Dave!

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