Sunday, September 30, 2007


Well that was a little disappointing - understatement of the year. I think I ran a sensible race today. My 5k splits round to 30k were the dogs. Everyone was 21 minutes - a testament to the 3:00 pacers - they were brilliant. I stuck with them all the way - all the way until it went tits up, that is. At about 32k my groin strain kicked in. I've had it for a while, sitting there in the background. In all honesty it didn't slow me too badley. Yes, I dropped off the pacers but only very slowly and I still felt OK to break the big three. Round to 35k the split only dropped to 22 - another one of those, even a 23 and I would have been fine.

I'd been a good boy on the way round, taking water at all the water stations on the way round but in such a big marathon why the hell do they use cups? What the hell is that all about? Surely bottles are the way to go. More water went up my nose and down my front than in my mouth.

Just after the 35k point I blew. Which I now realise was dehydration. With about 3k to go I began weaving all over the place. I have no recollection of any of the sights or the route from that point on - we walked back down the course and I couldn't recall running there! I just made it to the finish before collapsing and then being carried to the doctors tent as I couldn't stand let alone walk. I was not in a good way. I spent ten minutes lying down with the doctors - stop it - before being allowed to go down the finishing channel to collect my medal. It took me about thirty minutes to get through to the end - and it was all of 800m. After about 2.5 litres of water I was fully compus-mentus and able to walk at more than a shuffle - a few times I came to a stop during those thirty minutes and ended up taking a few steps backwards before going forwards again. It wasn't pretty.

I was over here with a few of the guys - and girls - from the gym. They were all pleased with their respective times. Steve from the gym finished in 3:07, just 12s ahead of GWR's Andy Smith, also in 3:07. Next up was Simon from the gym in 3:24 then followed by Bitton's Steve T in 3:41 and Cathy from the Gym in 3:42. Cathy was over the moon with her time as this was her first marathon. I don't know the score as to Marcia, she will have got round I'm sure - and she was happy with all the shopping she's done - think she may have been close to a pb on that front :) Hats off to all of them.

Anyway, that is almost certainly my last marathon. I know when I'm beat and I think that moment is now. I've enjoyed my time over here in Berlin and I think we've all had a good time. I have not acheived what I hoped I would in the Berlin Marathon but it was a pb so I suppose I should be happy to get something - and now I can at least get back to the fell running. Now, whose getting the beers in...

Thought for the day: Better to know than not

PS. Only 63 days to go until the Luton Marathon [turns to camera and winks]

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tootle pip...

No turning back now...

Thought for the day: A ship in the harbor is safe - but that's not what ships are for.

PS Running number 11624

Thursday, September 27, 2007

T minus 20 hours till radio silence

At around 5pm tomorrow evening I shall be slipping under the radar as I enter the Berlin Zone [twilight zone music plays in the background]. From then on in until late Monday night I shall be maintaining radio silence. Obviously there's been no hint of any training tonight, just taking things easy.

Roger, Charlie, Wilco, Foxtrot, Samba, Waltz, Break-Dancing - got carried away there - Over and out...

Thought for the day: Errors have been made - Others will be blamed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Once more unto the brink

Well, that was my final session - read jog - before Berlin. Ich habe mein Deutsches practinge - haven't really cracked it yet.

I was running marathon pace 5k reps tonight with a five minute recovery. I made sure I ran even lap splits. It felt really easy. My last rep was as controlled as the first. In fact it was bang on the same time - but that may have been down to the fact I only ran one rep - don't know what the hell the five minute recovery was for!

Anyway, it was a short measure with regard to the lads. It was down to the stalwarts of Nick, Sean, the now ever present Jamie and Matt to hold the fort. They were running some kind of pyramid session - all very Egyptian.

Off now to start preparing body, mind and sole for the challenge ahead - and get my gear packed. Now where did I put my lucky underpants?.....

Thought for the day: Stress is when you wake up screaming & you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Need a bigger trophy cabinet...

Whose the daddy? No, really, who is the daddy?

The mad bad runner man claims a second piece of silverware for the trophy cabinet. I'm in danger of needing a larger one - oh, er misses - cut it out. Yes, third place in the Bridge Inn summer series for my category - the criminally insane - granted there were only two of us. Didn't see that one coming, very nice surprise though. [Turns to camera and gives a little 'bootie jig' - whatever the hell that is]

I took things easy in tonight's race and paced Suzanne H to destroy the 20 minute barrier. We managed pretty even pacing throughout. It's onwards and upwards for her now - 19 minutes coming to road race near you - soon...

And what a pb by the Finesmyster - 22s seconds off her previous, down to 17:39 - I've no bloody hope of ever being that quick - pants.

Well, there 'tis. My final effort before Berlin. I will be at the track tomorrow but only just jogging as I keep out of everyones way.

Thought for the day: If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

PS. It was the senior men category - and there were a few more than three really - honest, it was at least five...

And I know you're all itching to catch a glimpse, so here she is in all her beauty and majesty...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Well slap my thigh...

You know, I'm really starting to get into the Berlin groove. I can hardly wait. I'm to the point where I actually don't care how well - or not - I run. I don't think that matters anymore. Win or lose, lose or win, I just want those pesky 26.2 miles run so I can get my hands on the tin of soup - there will be a tin of soup won't there? I'm just so excited. Will it be Mulligatawny? or Minestrone maybe? Heaven forbid it be cock-a-leekie - hope I won't be cocking or leaking on the way round though. As Berlin is one of the greatest marathons in the world, it's sure to be one up on the Bristol half's chunky vegetable - the suspense is almost to much for me. Ooh, I've come over all weird - don't go there, sssh, no, stop it - need to go lie down in a darkened room.

Suffice to say it was a relaxed, easy, rest day today - other than getting stressed driving over to the other side of Bristol and back - during rush hour - to get the posts for the finish funnel at the Bridge Inn 5k tomorrow night - the things you do for love...

Thought for the day: He who dies with the most toys is nonetheless dead.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Up to Ashton

An easy 50 minutes up at Ashton Court today. Hardly broke wind - I mean sweat, hardly broke sweat. It was the elite group of Rick (obviously, goes without saying), Jerry, Heidi and Liam and little ol' me.

Well, it's all down hill from here before Berlin. I mean, it's only short, easy jogging from here on in. I'll be running the the Bridge Inn 5k on Tuesday but I won't be running it quick - twenty dead I reckon.

Thought for the day: I thought I wanted a career - turns out I just wanted the paycheck.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Middle for diddle

The women - yeah, women and not ladies, so I don't get told off - had a great day at the Midland Road Relays taking the silver and backing that up with 5th, 8th and the fourth team placing in the twenties. What a result and four complete scoring teams as well - cracking.

The men didn't fair quite as well and to be honest I left before the results were through but the A team was out of the medals. I imagine that they and the B team would have qualified for the Nationals though, where hopefully they can put out a stronger team (after suffering with some injuries for this one). My team, the super C team, would have been somewhere back in the forties but there are usually about 100 teams so that isn't a bad result really - especially as they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel and get me to run for them!

I had a decent enough run. Not my quickest but not too bad. I'm happy with the way I ran. I picked up one place and gained time on the two or three runners just ahead so I'm satisfied with that.

Off up to Ashton Court tomorrow for the customary Sunday morning hour. Nice and easy does it...

Thought for the day: Ham and eggs. A day's work for the chicken, a lifetime commitment for the pig.

PS Forgot to mention Nick T and Ed P - both stepping up to the Big Boyz league - and doing so pretty nicely as well. Nick was about a minute and a half ahead of me - git - and ed was just the right side (for me) of a minute ahead. Also, well done to Rick W for beating me as well - and he claimed he was only jogging. Was there anybody who didn't beat me? Even the 'girls' would have whooped my sorry ass if they'd run the same route - bum.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Midland here we come

Off on a day trip to sunny Sutton Park for the Midland Road Relays tomorrow. I'm chauffeuring up some of our talented juniors. I myself, might be needed to run or I might not. Am I bovered? Not at all. If required I will run as hard as I can, me being a team player and all. If not then I just go for an easy jog and give some support to the team as I pootle around.

I had an annoyingly unsuccessful day at work. Now when it comes to PLC's (that's programmable logic controllers) I'm your man but I'll be damned if I could get the old clockwork 'thing' they use in some of their older plants to play ball. Ho hum. I know what I'll be doing on Monday - giving it a damn good kick and maybe a whack with a hammer - that should do the trick. Suffice to say I couldn't be arsed to do anything training wise tonight - sod it.

Thought for the day: There are 3 kinds of people: those who can count & those who can't.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gyminy cricket

The taper continues. So twas just the gym today. A little bash on the weights and half an hour on the bike is all. But I feel I am getting really rested. On level 12 (of which 14 is off the seat hard and 20? Well I ain't never been there) I didn't manage to get my heart rate above 100. I reckon another week of this easy stuff and every muscle in my body will have gone on holiday. Just hope I will be able to get them back to work come Sunday 30th!!! My body has never known so much rest...

The other good piece of news is that I'm managing to keep the weight off. Normally on the taper I can't stop myself eating as much as I do during full training and the pounds pile on. Of late I've been working hard to get down to my racing weight without loosing strength and this time round I'm managing to keep it there, 10st 7lb - which is nice. Oh, for October 1st and European Pie Eating Day - beauty.

Thought for the day: Never mess up an apology with an excuse.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ticking over at the track

Just ten days to go until the big day and it was another light session for me. I decided to blow out the k's and run the session wit da lads - hark at I, what am I like?

It was almost the usual collection of waifs and strays but we were missing one or two of the regulars. But like Arnold, I'm sure 'they'll be back'. Sean was present but unable to run because of his blistered feet - the world of work is coming as quite a shock to his system but he'll get the hang of it - in the end. He's not sure how to treat his blisters. I say pop 'em - works for me - just don't use a rusty nail.

We ran six 800m reps - well they did. I only ran four but I was so slow it was unbelievable - even for me. I wasn't able to go any faster and just felt tired. It might have been partly due to all the sitting around I've done today but I'm not really fussed. I managed 2:40 to 2:46 with about a minute recovery. It was wet, windy and miserable out there tonight. Am I down? - the hell I am. I just have to stay injury free, after all 2:46 is way above the pace I will be running in ten days time.

Thought for the day: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All systems go

Another restish day. Just a gym session and half hour bike. Not sure if there is a session on the track tomorrow but I will go up anyway and pull out my now routine kilometre reps - hang on, I didn't do them last week or the week before. OK, I'll pull out my not so routine kilometre reps. Just need to keep my eye in really - keep the brain happy. Certainly not going to be pushing it. Roger, over and out.

Thought for the day: If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't mention the war...

Nothing to do with the blog, just makes me smile.

I forgot to mention that the ladi.... women also won the Clevedon Road Relay yesterday. It wasn't so much as a forgot, more of a didn't know but I should have, as it was pretty obvious. Anyway, it's done now, so well done to everyone. First, first and first - can't be bad.

It's also been pointed out to me that the victorious OAP's gave the B team a sound thrashing - damn you.

Anyway, I haven't trained today. I'm letting the body recover and have some rest. Not sure what the plans are for the rest of the week so I'll take it a day at a time. I will be traveling up for the Midland Road Relays on Saturday and for once I will be just as happy not to get a run as if I get one - what with it being so close to Berlin an' all.

Thought for the day: I'm not cheap, but I am on special this week!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


OK, so perhaps not Clevetastic but certainly Cleve-pretty-good. As you might have guessed I had a good run out on leg 3 (of 5) of the Clevedon Road Relays. I was 27s slower than last year but I've been focused on slower pace long distance work for the last few months and whenever you do that you expect to lose some speed over the shorter distance. Even so it was my fastest 5k for about 6 months so I'm pleased to have run so quick - and it was windy, and the road relay course is known to be a long measure 5k - here we go again, excuses, excuses. I'm not trying to make excuses - honest. I can't hide the fact I ran it 27s faster last year can I? - now there's an idea - but I feel confident that on today's performance I could 5k at around 18:20 at the moment and that surprises me - in a good way.

Now the race. Pete S and Nick 'Speed Man' Todd got our 'B' team away to a good start in the race. I held my own on leg 3. In fact I gained at least one place and made time on the man ahead of him. I overtook a second man near the end but I wasn't sure if I was lapping him or catching. I suspect I was catching because as it was only leg 3 their team would have had to be going very slow and although I went past quickly he wasn't running that to badly. Anyway, Dave T took over from me and broke the 20 minute barrier for the first time in - shall we say a fair while? Graham C ran the glory leg - perhaps not that glorious but he had a good run and finished with both legs still attached.

The 'A' team took the title with another quick performance and the Vets, including a certain Mr J Hogan, took the OAP title.

It's been a good weekend and as long as everything goes to plan in Berlin - of which I have to say things are looking good - I'm going to try and put in some quality 5k training, ready for some quick races. Hopefully, I can capitalise on the marathon strength and add some devastating speed - well, maybe not devastating - but certainly a little pacier.

Thought for the day: Wrinkled Was Not One of the Things I Wanted to Be When I Grew up.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Make that a tenner

I happily managed to follow up on yesterdays run with another easy run - this time a ten miler. Again, I kept things under controlled. Seven minute miling was again the order of the day. It was a pleasant little run - hark at me - when is a training run ever pleasant? Honest guvnor, the time passed quickly and I mostly managed to keep myself off road in and around Leigh Woods. I followed that up with an easy half on the bike to cool off.

I think I'm all set for tomorrow and the Clevedon Road Relay 5k. Definitely didn't over do it today so I should be reasonably quick. Not sure if I'll manage, or want to reach the heady heights of last years 18:13. Shouldn't do me any harm in the grand scheme of things so I might give it a blast - it is only 5k after all....

Thought for the day: Yield to temptation - it may not pass your way again!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Just a fiver

It was a quick up over Dundry tonight. An easy five - at just under 7 minute miling. I got up the hill in record time tonight. The strange thing was that I felt I was going slow and it was bloody hard work. When I got to the top it was a nice surprise - but perhaps I shouldn't be putting in so much effort. Still, it was only five miles. And the view from the top, across to Chew lake is marvellous, especially after a hard day at the office - just a shame I didn't have a hard day at the office (just joking Graham, I worked really hard to get the YL project finished).

Anyhow, it's a feet up night tonight. Need to catch a bloody good nights sleep. Opperation lie-in will commence in, oh, say, around ten hours. Not sure how long it's going to last but I shall be putting all my effort into it [wink].

Thought for the day: What is a free gift? Aren't all gifts free?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh happy day

I went down the gym after work and put in a solid, hour long, raise off the seat in places, bike session. Then a sprinkling on the weights but I felt a bit tired. I think it's more the fact of a long day at work rather than anything more serious.

I'm going to hit a short run tomorrow and then a longer 10 miler on Saturday - at an easy pace it has to be said. Might try a few little bursts of pace to mix things up a bit - ooh, what a devil I am.

Thought for the day: I'm writing a book - I've got the page numbers done.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Taking it easy at the track

Well, Rob turned up and looked to be going pretty quick - so I gave him a slap - not really. I'm pleased he did so well. Powerful he has become, taught him well, I have - and so the young student surpasses the master....

And it was another big roll call tonight. It looks like we could really be getting a good little group together. The lads were running 800m reps with some of the shorter distance boys alternating 800/400s. I can tell you they weren't hanging around either.

Breaking news - check out the "Nick Todd Fan Club" on face book - now that's just surreal in its bizarrity - and you all thought I was mad - well that's just plain sad. So go on, check it out and sign up - lets see how many we can get signed up [turns to the camera and raises eyebrow]. I think I've slipped out of reality and entered the twilight zone....

Anyway, I took things easy tonight running an easy 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m session at a relatively pedestrian pace but it was good to give the legs a stretch.

Thought for the day: Some drink at the fountain of knowledge. Others just gargle.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today is Tuesday

- my mind went blank - don't say it.

It was a good day Yesterday. I've decided, in a moment of frivolous disgregard for my training, that today can be a rest day as well - time for the body to heal me thinks. I'm going to head up the track tomorrow and put in some slow mile reps with a short recovery spent slapping Rob [winks at camera], just kidding. The keyword from now on is rest and relax - dammit, that's two keywords. The two keywords from now on are rest, relax and chill - doh. The three keywords from now on are ....

Thought for the day: The more you complain, the longer God makes you live.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Rob W athletic star of the silver screen....

Just saw Rob on the TV - being interviewed like a big bad athlete geaser - OK, it was more of a sentence along the lines of, "... had [breath] to [breath] give it [breath] a try [gasp]." Go Rob, he beat me by over two and a half minutes - the swine. I shall be giving him a slap if he turns out on Wednesday.

I'm giving it a rest this evening before resuming maybe tomorrow or perhaps Wednesday but either way it's going to be gentle stuff from here on in - apart from the Clevedon Road Relays next Sunday that is, but that's only 5k so shouldn't be too taxing. I wonder whether I get to run two legs again this year...

Thought for the day: It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not so good

It wasn't my best day - not my worst - just not my best. Now, I'm not bitter - well maybe I am, but the old GPS gave the distance at 21.5km - and that's 400m over distance. Even measuring on my OS maps gave the distance at 21.3km and that too is over distance by 200m. I finished in 1:23:56 from the gun and to be honest I'm pissed - a minute slower than my PB. I paced myself on the GPS to 3:54min/km which is 6:15 mile pace and bang on what I wanted - and faster pace than my PB - but when I finished I was over time. 6:15 should be inside 1:22 so to be honest I'm pissed - well actually I am - I went down the boozer afterwards and met up with a few mates but never the less I'm disappointed by the time. Eight o'clock and I'm home now but I can't help doubt the true distance. I just didn't run that shit. My GPS has never been that far out. Yes it can be the odd twenty or thirty metres but never 400m!!!

At the end of the day I have to accept the race result - and be pissed off with it - but I know in my heart I ran well today. I ran even pace throughout and should have got the reward. Anyway, irrespective of the official time I know how I ran and I ran well.

Putting the disappointment aside - and me being ever so slightly mad - I even managed a quick 30 minutes on the exercise bike down the gym afterwards so I obviously wasn't too worn out by it all. I'm now going to hit the taper ahead of Berlin knowing that I can break 3 hours - regardless of what today's clock told me.

Thought for the day: Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I might leggit, I might not...

I'm in two minds regarding the Bristol half - never a good thing - twice the madness. Do I pace it at my intended marathon pace or do I go for it? There are 21 days in between now and Berlin so I don't feel it will do me any harm if I do decide to leggit. If I run at marathon pace and feel tired at the finish then it could be a psychological blow. If, on the other hand, I just go for it then I expect to be knackered and it would be a good test of how ready I am. Don't really know what to do so I guess I'll suck it and see on the day - shh, - sshhh. I'll start steady and see how I feel.

It looks like its heading for another hot one - so I think we can expect a fair number of casualties - but not it a life threatening way I hope. Just hope those not fully trained take things easy. I think we can all agree that we want it to go off OK. I'm pretty sure there will be the usual crap organisation at the start. Do I care? Not really as I'll be standing near the front - as I was 129th last year I think that entitles me to a good start position. I do hope they get it right this year - if London can organise things right then we should be able to as well. Come on Bristol get it sorted - fingers crossed.

Thought for the day: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a flat tyre.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Not much going on

After a long day at work I was called into action to go and collect my brothers cat from the Vets after it came out on the loosing end of a cat fight. It's the biggest cat you've ever scene - the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the cat world - but just too timid. After spending ages at the Vets I was too fed up to even attempt a run so that was that. I shall attempt something tomorrow, don't know what but something easy......

Thought for the day: Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Easy does it

Oh I felt so totally not up for it tonight. I knew there was no point in attempting a hard session - I wouldn't have made it. And after the hard race yesterday an easy session was the most sensible option - hang on, when the hell have I ever taken the sensible option? This is a most worrying development - I think I must be going down with something.

It was another big turn out from the lads - ooh, now that's just plain nasty - what I mean was that there was a large number of them present. Running three sets of 800m followed by 400m and finished off with a relay style set of three 200's.

I decided to run four slow 1600's with a strict one minute recovery. It was actually a pretty decent recovery session and wasn't nearly as boring as I was expecting. Anyway, I chugged out reps in 6:30, 6:22, 6:04 and 5:59. It was all pretty easy and well within the comfort zone. Even so the last one was surprisingly quick for such a low level of perceived effort.

Well I'm really not sure what to do tomorrow. It all depends how much time I have but I'm thinking that a session on the bike might be an option. Might try and fit in a short forty minute run in first - just have to see how much of a portion I get from old father time - oh er.

Thought for the day: Don't judge a book by its movie.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The good, the bad and the ugly...

Well I'm not laying claim or allocating the roles but we, of the mighty Bristol Water, only managed to field three runners in the Axa Inter-Companies Road Race (5.5 miles). It's not like we would have won but it would have been nice to score a team of four. At least then we could have had the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

And so, to the race. Colin 'Cruise Control' Hunt, running in the M60 category, was up for it. The fire burning within - granted, it was deep deep within but never the less the pilot light was on. And Graham 'I don't think I'll break forty' Crump doubting his strength and inner resolve to the last. Me, well, I was ready and totally up for it.

From the gun I led it out from about fortieth place. I was happy to let John Duncan set the early pace at the front, ably followed by Jon Goodland. In fact, I was quite happy to let John set the late pace as he romped to an emphatic victory in the Axa Stadium of Dreams with Jon coming home third.

I ran my own race. I took it out hard and slowly picked my way through the field. I knew I'd run hard by the fact I met Huey after the finish. Haven't met him in quite a while so it was good to know I can still get acquainted and run on the edge. According to the GPS I ran pretty even splits apart from the quick downhill and the slower uphill. Even so, I was pleased with a 4:20km on the uphill as it's pretty steep. In the end I powered through the line to finish 13th with a time of 34:06. Just outside my ultimate target of 34 but well inside the 35 minute barrier. To be totally honest I didn't really think I could go under 34 so to get so close is top dollar. I've confirmed to myself I'm in good shape and with that I am happy. And looking at the times of some of those ahead of me and extrapolating the data together with previous key performance indicators I believe my time corresponds well with a flat 5 mile time of around 30 minutes and certainly faster than my current PB pf 30:43 - I will have to run some of the Weston Prom races in the coming months to test my hypothesis.

Second home for the Water was Graham, destroying the 40 minute barrier, obliterating the 39 minute barrier and smashing his way through the 38 minute barrier - OK, smashing may be a bit strong but 37:58 sees a much improved performance from him - onwards and upwards from here me thinks.

And what can I say of our third man home - no, really, what can I say? Only kidding, Colin had a corker - mind you, he looked completely shagged at the end but what a run from the little known man of running. Surprising even himself, he came home in around 46 and half minutes. I think the pilot light is starting to fire up the boiler.

All in all it was a great little race which went off without a hitch. Well done to Jon for Organising it and thanks to all those who helped and marshaled. I shall return next year do defend my 13th place.

Thought for the day: Always try to be modest and be proud of it!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Ready, set, go

Dance floor pro, I know, you know, I go psycho when my new joint hit, just can't sit,
gotta get jiggy wit it. Yes, I shall be getting jiggy with it tomorrow in the AXA Road Race.

I have rested today. No flooring, no painting, no DIY, nada for me today. Just an easy half hour gentle spinning down the gym to get my weekend runs - no, that doesn't sound quite right - to get my two training sessions on the weekend out of my legs. Other than that I'm just kicking back listening to soothing whale music - OK, I made that up - but I am just relaxing ahead of the race.

I feel I'm due a good one. Haven't really raced for a while, not properly anyway and I feel up for this. My PMA is in overdrive. I'm going to hit it fast and hard and see how I go - ooh misses. I know there are going to be some good runners at the front, that goes without saying, but I aim to run a fast (it's all relative) personal time and pace my own race, not chase with haste those at the front in first place.

Thought for the day: Five out of four people have trouble with fractions.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Slightly too fast

My recovery run today was just a bit too fast. I was working pretty hard early on but there was no sign of soreness or stiffness after yesterday's run. That, I have to say, is a very pleasant surprise.

There was just two of us this morning up at Ashton Court. The two Dave's. Dave always goes along very nicely, leading it out, until around the 8k point, today he made it to 9k before his legs lost the ability to run - it really is like someone switching the power off. What Dave doesn't realise is that I have this secret leg control device with which I intend to use to take over the world [deep, evil, booming laughter]. A simple flick of the switch is all that's needed to completely neutralise someones legs. I let him get to 9k today before I switched it on. [more deep, evil, booming laughter.....]

Thought for the day: Don't piss me off! I'm running out of places to hide the bodies.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

23 before tea

I had a reasonable run this afternoon, covering about 23 miles. I decided to go commando - no, not without pants, thank you very much - without fuel or liquids - to give my body one final bash of going through the wall. In that respect it was good.

My route was a bit too hilly (and off road) to worry about the time - which was a bit slow but the important thing was that I managed to find the door in the wall and scooted straight through to infinity and beyond.....

Well, that's was the last of the long runs. I just hope I've done enough - and fast enough - to enable me to maintain 6:45 pace for 26 miles. There isn't much more I can do now so I'm not going to worry. I have to admit to feeling a bit tired of late so I'm just hoping the next few weeks tapering back will get my energy levels topped back up.

I might just mention that I did manage to put in a quick 45 minutes on the bike afterwards! You know me - [turns to camera and winks]

Thought for the day: Friends may come and go, but enemies tend to accumulate.