Saturday, September 22, 2007

Middle for diddle

The women - yeah, women and not ladies, so I don't get told off - had a great day at the Midland Road Relays taking the silver and backing that up with 5th, 8th and the fourth team placing in the twenties. What a result and four complete scoring teams as well - cracking.

The men didn't fair quite as well and to be honest I left before the results were through but the A team was out of the medals. I imagine that they and the B team would have qualified for the Nationals though, where hopefully they can put out a stronger team (after suffering with some injuries for this one). My team, the super C team, would have been somewhere back in the forties but there are usually about 100 teams so that isn't a bad result really - especially as they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel and get me to run for them!

I had a decent enough run. Not my quickest but not too bad. I'm happy with the way I ran. I picked up one place and gained time on the two or three runners just ahead so I'm satisfied with that.

Off up to Ashton Court tomorrow for the customary Sunday morning hour. Nice and easy does it...

Thought for the day: Ham and eggs. A day's work for the chicken, a lifetime commitment for the pig.

PS Forgot to mention Nick T and Ed P - both stepping up to the Big Boyz league - and doing so pretty nicely as well. Nick was about a minute and a half ahead of me - git - and ed was just the right side (for me) of a minute ahead. Also, well done to Rick W for beating me as well - and he claimed he was only jogging. Was there anybody who didn't beat me? Even the 'girls' would have whooped my sorry ass if they'd run the same route - bum.

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