Sunday, July 18, 2021


Well that was a couple of scorching days! Couldn't face running in this heat so I headed out for a pair of walks instead. I really should have taken a drink with me though as I cramped a little bit towards the end of my walk yesterday.

Having learnt nothing from yesterday and my caffs already feeling sore, I completely forgot to take a drink with me today either, and again, just started to cramp as I headed back into the village. Despite only walking, the combined 20k felt like it was worth it as my legs are feeling heavy right now.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

I Enjoyed That

Another outing back to the mountains. This time as a marshal for the Four Fans Fell Race, check point two, Fan Llia. I made a short walk of it rather than just heading straight up from the road junction, parking at the forest car park and walking up the ridge. Bonus feature was that the car park was fully opened. Last time I was there it was blocked off with mounds of rubble and I thought it was yet another forest car park closed but no, it was back fully open. Bonus. I took my tent up but didn't need it. Stayed dry throughout which was second bonus of the day. Then, with all 28 runners through the summit, it was the return trip back down.