Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunny? Almost Got Hypothermia!

Parking field. Sunny. Mountain top. P!55ing down, windy, cold.

So, seeing as I'm not really racing at the moment I thought I'd volunteer to marshal at the Tour Du Calch. I was on Check Point 3 so it meant I could get a decent hike out and back in the sunshine - well that was the idea anyway.

What a difference a few hundred metres of altitude makes. It really was quite pleasant down at the race HQ. (And I actually sprayed on some sunblock before I headed out - although I'm not telling you that). I set out with plenty of time but as I neared the top ridge the weather started to get ominously inhospitable. So it was out with the map and compass in order to make sure I made it to my check point spot on time.

I eventually made it to the general area of my check point. It was a check point without a specific feature so I needed to recce the area to make sure I was indeed at the right point. Mr C's hand drawn orienteering style feature sketch was spot on and I was indeed at the right spot - as borne out by my GPS plot which shows me as near as damn it on the 620 contour.

So, having reached my spot, like a boy scout, prepared for all conditions, I put on extra layers to try and keep out the cold and rain and waited for the runners. Fortunately I only had about a fifteen minute wait for the first runner and they were all through inside the next fifteen. Marshal duty fulfilled I headed off the mountain as quickly as my feeble legs would let me.

Back down to the race HQ you would not believe it. Sun shining. Back to being a lovely day. Glad I went. Good training session.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Still Haven't Found My Mojo...

but at least it was another run done. In fact, I'm so slow at the moment I actually think I have to classify myself as a jogger. So I guess it was really another jog done. Despite the slowness of it all I do still enjoy it - when I manage to summon the effort to bother. 

Sunday, June 04, 2017

If I Was A Football Chant....

I'd be 'oooooooh, I am sh!t ahhhhh!!!' (at running). It isn't surprising though, seeing as I've been doing almost no running of late. Really need to find some mojo. Bigsweir Wood was picturesque as ever though.

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