Sunday, December 30, 2018

First Time On Two Legs For A While...

and definitely back to square one. I got the dull ache in the soles of my feet for the first ten minutes and then, as before, it eased off. Last time it took about four or five weeks of 'running' before it stopped occurring  - that's four or five weeks of doing some running, not running for four or five weeks forest gump style... Never really caused me much of an issue or lasting after effects so other than a little discomfort for a few minutes, I'm not really bothered about it.

As to the start of the campaign, I'll likely be heading the four miles over to Brierly for New Years Day 'getting hopelessly lost in the forest' orienteering...

Friday, December 28, 2018

Change Of Tack...

So it looks like the universe is reversing on its previous omen.... With my replacement calendar to hand, I have decided that I might be waiting forever if I wait to be fit before returning to the battle so I'm going to forgo the getting fit bit and return anyway... (and no making fun of the slow, old fart trundling along at the back)

As to today, it was decent effort interval reps on Zwift. I worked up quite a sweat but I've had to down rate the FTP to make the sessions doable. Still not sure if it's me or the kit.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Short, Sharp Christmas Zwift

It still felt a bit hard work vs the power output but better than the last few times. For just a thirty minute blast I got the heart rate up and sweating so I think I'm ready for the mince pies and mulled wine. Bring on the festivities and a merritudinal Christmas day to you all...

Sunday, December 23, 2018

A Bit of Brithday Bkool

No Zwifting today.... Did a spot of Bkooling instead. Same setup, different software, same end result. A decent hours effort, starting north west of virtual Monmouth and ending virtually further north and west at Cross Ash. Bkool's main difference is that the routes are gps uploads of real routes. That provides more ride variation. The main reason I rode Bkool instead of Zwift was to determine if my trainer is getting a problem or I'm getting weaker.... Conclusion... I'm getting weaker. My power was nicely higher than my previous rides on Bkool but not as high as over the last month or two on Zwift and it also felt hard effort on the legs. I therefore think Zwift is working fine and that it's just me that's a little bit crapper - but then I am a year older than last month....

Monday, December 17, 2018

30 After Work

Finally managed a stage of the Zwift Tour of London. Stage 3 but I won't be getting the virtual t-shirt this event as I've missed too many stages to catch up. It was a reasonably hard effort for 30km. Once again my power was down while the effort seemed high. Not sure what's up but I'll keep on plugging away... 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Delightful Day Atop A Mountain...

So it was another day of marshalling. The Skirrid Fell Race, summit checkpoint this time, ably abetted in crime with the legend that is JD. Conditions were not pleasant. Strong, cold winds and rain. The top was in the mist and that doesn't aid spotting the race numbers. Despite the conditions we managed to capture most of the numbers and times although the conditions were somewhat against us so there may be a few errors or omissions. [crosses fingers not too many - and don't forget we did our best]. We were up there just about an hour and to say we were very happy to see the sweeper come through so we could pack up and get the hell out of there is an understatement.

Despite really wanting to get back off the hill as fast as possible, we still had time to collect in some of the marker flags on our way back down. On that front, ascending the main, steep descent is less than ideal in walking boots. Boots are good for keeping your feet warm but bloody rubbish at providing any sort of grip. I went down a few times - but most importantly managed to keep hold of the flags as I did, rather than flinging them, slapstick style, all over the mountain.

I was glad to get back to the car to be able to get into some dry clothes. Then it was into the Skirrid Inn for a few pleasantries before heading home.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Grinding To A Halt...

Well that was killer. Being cocky, I started with an easy 5k run on the treadmill before straight into bike mode for the #Zwift Fondo event. I decided on the medium since I'd ridden the short last month I felt I needed to step up but I think I over did it...

All was going well. I was riding in a good group as we worked towards completion of the first climb in the 72km route, with 1350m ascent. I think something then went a little wonky with my smart trainer calibration when I switched back to the big front sprocket. There was a bit of a jolt - probably pushing too hard on the pedal - and after that the resistance seemed to jump up. What should have been a nice downhill recovery ended up being bloody hard work. The resistance felt way higher than it should have.

It wasn't long after the descent, into a section of 10-15km of flattish riding, that I just had to drop back to the small front sprocket - and I've never needed to before - and up through the rear gears. Pretty much rode the second half of route in either the biggest or second biggest of the rear sprockets - that's not normal.

My legs just couldn't maintain things and I got slower and slower, and the reported power got lower and lower. I was really struggling and the final 500m climb took forever. Time standing still - or at least it felt like it. Never have I been more glad to get over the top but even then, the descent wasn't easy and the resistance was still high.

I was on the edge of bonking by the end and starting to shake a little in the last few kilometres but I made it. Still, I feel like I've had a bloody good workout!

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Another Little Potter

A simple ramped 5k. Starting slow and finishing just slightly less slow but no where near the realm of fast. Still no aches and pains so all good. Yesterday was a 40k group ride at medium effort but legs were feeling a bit tired so no ride today. Up tomorrow is the monthly Zwift organised Fondo - nothing to do with cheese. There's a choice of small, medium or large. Last month I rode the small and probably will again (48k). If I do feel energetic the medium is 72k - and there is sod all chance of the large, 112k...

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Doubling Up

A short 5k run followed by 10k in the saddle. I'm finding it hard to get back into the running since 'the event that shall not be named'. This crappy wet weather doesn't exactly help but I don't feel like I'm starting from square one again. The run felt okay. Not at a fast pace but nothing ached or pained so onwards and upwards...

Monday, December 03, 2018

A Very Tired 41km

And I didn't even attempt to keep with the group. From just a few kilometres in I knew I was feeling lacklustre. Power was down. Legs heavy. So it was keep grinding till the finish 41km later. #Zwift

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Solid, Hilly Effort

Forty Three kilometres up and over the main climb in Watopia. A good solid effort. Good average power and just under the 90 minutes to complete. Happy with that.