Monday, August 31, 2020

A Couple of Easier Days

So up Saturday was a fairly steady 5k, ramping the effort up through the middle section before easing back and then ramping again. Sunday was a rest day as I just felt a bit tired. Today I felt even more tired - but that was more likely down to having a tipple last night as I watched Dumb and Dumber To - the tipple made it just about bearable. Okay, no it didn't. It was just plain bad. Managed an easy 8k tonight.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Still Not Slacking...

So, since Tuesday, I've managed two sessions on the rower, one session on the bike and two efforts on the treadmill. As promised for the row, I've stepped up the interval to 45s off the same 30s recovery and I was managing to maintain 5-10% more power during the effort. Feels good to be be incorporating some upper body training into the plan. Moving forward, I think its about time to start incorporating a 'long' run in to the mix to start building some stamina. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

I've Not Been Slacking...

Honest, guv.

I've completed a good few sessions since my last post. I ran the ladder treadmill session on Saturday. Intervals starting short, fast and ramping longer and slower and then back up again. Up Sunday was a steady 45 minutes in the Zwift saddle. Monday was row intervals, 30/30 - going to move to 45/30 for the next session... and up tonight I ran the longer hill+tempo session. Four reps, increasing the incline from 6 to 9% on 102% effort. It'll 104% next time I repeat the session. All good.

Friday, August 21, 2020

A Double Dose Tonight

Started the workout with a 12 efforts on the rower. Thirty seconds high effort. Thirty seconds recovery. I decided 60s recovery as in my last rower session was too much. 30/30 was about right and I managed slightly higher wattage on the effort as well. Definitely felt a harder workout. Hit the treadmill straight from the rower - and definitely felt it. I ran a repeat of the hill+tempo session (short). The tempo section was hard work but I completed without fading. More up tomorrow...

Thursday, August 20, 2020


 The hamstring soreness has subsided. A session of faster and slower intervals with a final couple faster still - but not exactly fast. Felt okay. Started to get a bit of calf cramp towards the end but that's because I was a bit dehydrated. All sorted now. Ready for more tomorrow - assuming I've not tweaked anything...

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A Session In The Boat

My right hamstring has been sore for a couple of days so I put off today's planned treadmill intervals for a session on the rower instead. The hamstring was okay rowing although I was probably pushing a little less with the legs than normal and putting a bit more effort in with the back and arms. Today's session was sixteen 30s efforts off 60s recovery. Good solid workout. Hopefully the hamstring will be eased tomorrow.

Friday, August 14, 2020

All The Disciplines...

 ...over two days. Yesterday I ran the short form 30/40 remix - but increased the effort to 104%. The intervals were hard work but manageable. Today I started with a twenty minute session on the rower, eight efforts of 30s hard, 1 minute recovery. Then it was straight onto the bike for a thirty minute workout - and it was bloody hard work. I had to ease back the session effort in the last section as I was dying on my pedals.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Tour du Tarmac, Stage 1

That's not actually the name of event but it'll do. A fairly short one, 27km and I was taking it easy - at least to begin with. A running rest day meant it was a bike day. Three laps of the Innsbruck Ring and it started all very sedately, part of a large group moving well... until we hit the 8% hillock and then all hell broke loose as everyone went hill climb crazy - rude not too!

That totally broke the group apart and from there it turned into a bit of a race. The easy effort became slightly less easy. By the final lap I was working hard. Into the final k, I was in a group of four and I decided I should take the sprint - or die trying. I think everyone had the same idea. I went a bit early and got caught but got a second wind to take it. Had to unclip immediately and collapsed in a gibbering heap to recover. Good effort.

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Artificial Hills Again

Still not feeling 100% but the workout was 102%. I decided on the hill+tempo session and selected the longest of the three version with the aforementioned speed increase. My legs felt a bit dead to begin with and I wondered if I'd complete but I was hitting the targets so I just chugged on through. Overall I'm pleased to have got back to it.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Not Been the Greatest Week of Training

Been feeling off. The ol' stomach has been playing up all week. Not totally back to normal but manged an almost decent session on the treadmill. I started the training with 16 minutes on the rower and after an hours break I still felt that effort on the treadmill. Hence I had to throttle that back a bit. So the week's not been a total right off but I feel I've lost a bit of the momentum that was building.

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Continuing On

Semi recovery day yesterday with an 8 lap Crit race on the bike. Started slow and was near the back but within a couple of laps I was laying down a bit more power than of late. Felt good.

This afternoon I was back on the treadmill for the Michigan. It's a workout I've run before and will do again. Longer intervals reducing as the pace is upped with a longer tempo section by way of active recovery. Got through it with a little left in the tank. Definitely feels like I'm getting fitter. The structured workout approach feels like it's working.

Finished the days training with a ten minute 'blast' on the rower - although my blast is more of a gentle waft at the moment. Felt it most in my arms and back so definitely going to persevere with the rower by way of upper body workout.