Saturday, July 30, 2022

Continuing with the Training

It was a bit of a laboured run today. I didn't go as well as I was hoping. Then again, I had to move forward tomorrows 1:15hr run to today on account of taking the eBike out into the hills tomorrow instead so I'm not too disappointed. And my average pace was a fraction higher than the last equivalent run so I mustn't grumble.

On other matters, my resting heart rate continues to improve. This week's seven-day average of 55 is the lowest it's been for over two and half years, which likely indicates I've been low on iron for a considerable time. It's a bit of a change in just three months from over 70 to where it is now.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

And That Went So Right...

After getting slightly carried with yesterday's recovery bike session I wasn't sure if I'd pay the price today. Fortunately, my legs were okay, and I completed the scheduled twelve 400m reps without issue. The pace could have been a tad higher, but I don't want to run before I can walk - um, er, is that right? Anyway, I've set my 400m marker and can adjust upwards from here.

So far, so good with the training plan. Only two runs in, but it definitely feels good to have the days training session set out in advance and all I have to do is run it...

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Well That Went a Bit Wrong...

So, the training plan said rest day or cross-train. Obviously, I went for the cross-train option and chose a Zwift race, fully intending to pootle along at the back in the company of the backmarkers. Well, that was the plan. Turns out, I just can't help racing....

Ten minutes in and I put in a short effort to bridge to the next group up the road. Then, after another few minutes, I went again, over to the next group. Steadying the ship for a few minutes I sat back to cruise the rest of the race. Then a few guys went off the front and I just couldn't help myself. I accelerated to bridge and didn't stop moving away. All of a sudden, I found myself putting out 20-30W more than I've managed for quite literally years. They weren't coming back, and I just kept the hammer down.

I picked up four more places on the main climb, making up several minutes on those riders, and went past them like they weren't even pedalling. Over the top, I didn't stop, keeping the effort going to finish.

It was almost a rest day... 15% FTP increase!!

Sunday, July 24, 2022

First Speed Session

So, I've set up a 5k plan to put a bit more focus into the training. Making it up as I've gone along has been good so far, coming from zero fitness but now it's time to add some structure. When I look back at my running, I don't think I've ever really followed a plan as such. I've done lots of different sessions, but it was always very ad-hoc.

Anyway, the plan starts tomorrow and crazily, it starts with a rest day! But it does allow for easy cross training, so I guess I'll be Zwifting. Oh, and I almost forgot, I did my first speed session on the treadmill today. Just dipping my toe in the water.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Still Feeling Keen for It

I continue to be surprised by my continuing motivation to train. I've barely missed a session and when I do I feel guilty. Today my left achilles was feeling tight so I went for a power walk up May Hill. Later, feeling looser, I hit the Zwift for a decent half hour bike session. Yesterday I had a good workout on the treadmill. I used my ramps session with a slight increase to the paces and if I'm honest I could have tweaked it more. It'll definitely be another increase for the next session of ramps.

I'm pleased with how things are going. Maybe by the Autumn I'll be ready to come last in a short fell race...

Thursday, July 21, 2022

About Time...

...For another FTP increase. It is getting harder now though. I didn't start out aiming for it as my legs didn't feel fresh. Five minutes in I found myself peddling above my current FTP, so I just kept cranking it up. Because of the slow start, I wasn't sure I'd actually do it, but I was putting down good power by the end so just kept it going to the half hour mark. With a pre-ride warmup and then hitting the ride at power I'm sure I'd have registered more - but I'll save that for the next attempt. Happy things are still heading in the right direction.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Furthest “Run” So Far

It was a hot one today, but I had set my target for the day and wasn’t diverting. I felt a bit tired yesterday, so I pulled a rest day in preparation for today. Back to today, and after a leisurely morning, I set out to conquer the full Hope-Flaxley Wood Loop, 9k. My plan was to run to the beat of my heart. Above 160 I walked, back to 150 I ran again. I kept to that throughout and it was a pretty good regime. I’ll probably aim to use it again for future runs, at least for a while, and hopefully I’ll see my times and distance run vs walk, improve.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Slightly Sore Legs

As I've not really been up any steep stuff for a while, I had a feeling my legs would be a little sore today. It's mainly the quads so I only went for a short walk, around my usual route. The good thing for me is that the short little up, no more than thirty metres, which used to bring me to a stop a few months back, doesn't anymore.

And looking back to yesterday, here's a pic of the summit of Fan Llia. In the middle you can see one of the world's most unimpressive summit cairns.

Friday, July 08, 2022

Digging Out the Deputy Badge

Yes, it's that Four Fans time of year and once again I will be marshalling my regular spot atop Fan Llia. One day I will be on the other side of the fence running but not this year.

As I've not climbed a hill for a while, I wanted to keep my legs okay for tomorrow, so I chose a bike session tonight, and as expected, with my recent FTP increase, it was a proper workout. It didn't push me over the edge, but I couldn't have done many more reps.

Overall, a good workout. Right, I'm off to find the sun cream...

Sunday, July 03, 2022

Resting Heart Rate

It's been another good week's training. Six sessions of varying intensity, including that pretty hefty FTP increase on Thursday. That knackered my legs a bit for the next few days but nevertheless I've done a few good sessions. I still feel I'm a long way off 'proper running' but I'm still heading in the right direction. I'm closely monitoring the data to make sure I don't overdo things. As long as I can keep making small gains, week on week, I'll be happy. Talking of the data, it shows my resting heart rate, weekly average, as the lowest it's been for two years. I can't really put that all down to the training because I'm still far less fit than I was back then (and I wasn't really that fit then either). What it tells me, is that I've been low on iron for a long time and that most of my current improvement is from actually having some haemoglobin...