Sunday, May 22, 2022

A Long Long Time....

So I've been out of the running game for a long time. For well over a year I haven't been able to run. Even climbing the stairs was hard work. Turns out the human body needs a bit of haemoglobin to function. After a couple of weeks on vitamin D3, K2 and iron supplementation and I've been able to run a session on the treadmill at pacing beyond what could be classed walking. It has been a long time and it felt bloody great!

Monday, August 23, 2021

Longest Time Without a Post

Over a month is a new record for non-posting. It's fair to there hasn't been a lot to post about. Training is as hit and miss as ever, although I am managing to get out for a few 'longer', hillier walks. My fitness is still really piss poor but I'm hoping I'll find some motivation from somewhere to kick it up a notch. Although, it probably needs to crank up five or six notches...

Sunday, July 18, 2021


Well that was a couple of scorching days! Couldn't face running in this heat so I headed out for a pair of walks instead. I really should have taken a drink with me though as I cramped a little bit towards the end of my walk yesterday.

Having learnt nothing from yesterday and my caffs already feeling sore, I completely forgot to take a drink with me today either, and again, just started to cramp as I headed back into the village. Despite only walking, the combined 20k felt like it was worth it as my legs are feeling heavy right now.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

I Enjoyed That

Another outing back to the mountains. This time as a marshal for the Four Fans Fell Race, check point two, Fan Llia. I made a short walk of it rather than just heading straight up from the road junction, parking at the forest car park and walking up the ridge. Bonus feature was that the car park was fully opened. Last time I was there it was blocked off with mounds of rubble and I thought it was yet another forest car park closed but no, it was back fully open. Bonus. I took my tent up but didn't need it. Stayed dry throughout which was second bonus of the day. Then, with all 28 runners through the summit, it was the return trip back down.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Just About Made It Back from the Hills...

With the forecast showing scorchio, I headed out early - and I'm thankful I did. I was out on the hill awhile and by the time I was heading back down it was getting crispy out there but I'm getting ahead of things.

I set the MapRun app going and headed to the start. With a beep I was off. Five minutes later I was puffing like a right old bastard. It was a steep start. Then another five minutes later and I was getting confused by the difference of the way markings as compared to the map. All turned out right in the end and eventually I made it onto the hill proper and from there the navigation was more to my liking.

Not gonna lie, it was hard going. The up was a slog but thankfully I was accurate with the nav and didn't waste any energy dillying - I wasted a shit tonne dallying mind, my legs didn't have the power nor my lungs the puff. I was bloody knackered by the time I got to the top ridge. Thankfully, that was all the ascent done and dusted and from there I was able to enjoy the views as I ploddled along - another good made-up word there!

As I neared the finish, I met a few fellow MapRunners heading out. Definitely glad I started early as it was going to be crispy for those poor souls. All in all, a grand morning out...

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Heading Back to the Hills...

...It's been years. Okay, not quite, as I marshalled (poorly) at December's Blorenge race. This will be the first time I've "competed" in an event. I'm quite looking forward to a bit of random hill walking at Cwmdu East....

Took it easy on the treadmill today after a slightly more effortuitous - now, I definitely made that word up - jog/walk yesterday in the forest.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

So Unfit

God, I am so unfit. It's all been a bit hit and miss of late. I found the weeks and weeks of pants weather really demotivating. Now we've hit a spell of better stuff I'm hoping to find some motivation. Base fitness is through the floor. With lockdown loosening I'm looking to get back to the mountains, but I'm worried it'll kill me. I've decided to fit in a few hillier walks before I attempt next week's Cwmdu East MapCrawl

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Been a Bit of a Gap... posting. Although to be fair the last week or two has been a little easier on the training front as well due to feeling a bit jaded. Sleep has been a bit disturbed for no particular reason. Managing to get back on in it now though which will hopefully continue... and I'm hoping we will finally see the end of the crap weather and the start of something more decent. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Trending Upwards

The upper body work continues, five sessions this week. I also managed to fit in a couple of stages of the Tout of Watopia on the bike and one on two feet. The running sadly took a step backwards over the last couple of weeks, missing several runs but things are getting back on track and today's interval session was solid. Onwards...

Friday, April 02, 2021

The Upper Body Work Outs Are Going Well

But the running has been a bit lacking. Although I was a bit more intense today, with a solid interval session of nine 500m intervals. Not eyeballs out - obvs - but still pretty decent. Had a couple of good rides. Hoping to continue the progress over the weekend.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Sadly, It's Been Another Lighter Week

Last week was a bit of a lighter week. Was feeling a bit bloaty and that makes running uncomfortable. I did manage some continued upper body workout with the VR kit. I'm really enjoying my 20–30 minute workouts, it's both fun and hard work at the same time. At some point I intend to add some resistance to the mix to take it up a notch.

Today kicked off this years Tour of Watopia for both cycling and running. Five stages in each discipline to be completed by the end of April. I started things off with the longer bike ride. Hopefully I'll fit in stage one for the running tomorrow or Wednesday and of course there will be more upper body workouts to try and help reduce the flabby bits.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Back to It...

After a somewhat reduced week's training last week things are back going forward - ehh?! Ran a decent set of eight 500m reps yesterday and today was Duathlon number five of the series. It was a slightly less flat route than normal and my average power was a little down on my first two rides, but I made up for it on the run with my best effort so far - which isn't exactly saying much. Still, happy to have improved that a little bit. Probably a rest day tomorrow or something very gentle.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

A Slightly Off Week

But finally, back to full capacity. Had a very long work day on Tuesday, through the night to Wednesday and then, after a couple of hours off, a full day's training on Wednesday via the teams - had to put my hands up to having nodded off for a few minutes in the final hour, before being woken by my colleagues. That, I have to say, left me discombobulated for the following few days. It was only really by yesterday that I was feeling back to 'normal'. Definitely getting too old for that shit.....

Normal training should resume Monday. The main target for the week is Wednesday's Duathlon. Beyond that I've yet to fill in the schedule. There will definitely be continued use of my new 'toy' - ooh, matron - to add some upper body work to my routine. VR boxing - and by god is it hard work. Twenty minutes and my arms and shoulders are gone. Hopefully, I will see the benefit from a regular workout and be able to increase the duration over time.

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Seven Becomes More...

So I somewhat did mi'self with my over exuberance. It has taken me a couple of days for my hamstring to recover. Still not completely settled but no longer causing me pain enough to stop me heading back unto the breach. I took it cautiously though, for 5k number three. My pace wasn't too far off that from the first two, only 30s off Monday's effort. All being well I'll be back on it tomorrow for number four...