Thursday, January 30, 2020

More Tired Than I Expected

There was no hesitation in hitting the treadmill tonight for the completion of stage 5 of the TdZ. Once underway the wheels fell off, um er, that should probably read the shoes fell off - the bike stage was yesterday. My legs didn't want to work. The 9.7km of tonight's stage turned into a series of intervals in order to get the job done. By the end my right thigh was feeling tight. Day off tomorrow me thinks and by way of a reward for persevering tonight I made myself a truly wicked pair of cheese and bacon toasties. They were absolutely oozing full with cheese and I'm feeling a bit heavy now but I care not...

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Non-active Recovery Yesterday, Bike Session Today

I plumped for the short course Tour de Zwift stage 5 and started steady, middle of the pack. I pushed on a bit on the first little undulation, testing my leg freshness - they weren't feeling fresh. I felt I was working too hard. With the 10ish k stage 5 run planned for tomorrow, I eased off for the rest of the 20k ride. Overall it wasn't a bad session and it's always nice to stay in the same group of riders for most of the ride.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Legs Were A Bit Achy

But I managed to haul myself out into the cool evening for a muddy run through Flaxley Wood with the Longhope Runners. The pace was low and there was lots of slipping and sliding. An ideal recovery run. Up tomorrow is another recovery day with an easy Zwift ride.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Followed Through...

With the swap as I managed to get my ass out the door for the planned 'long' run. It wasn't raining so I wasn't complaining. As expected, it was hard work. I'm beginning to wonder if I can get myself ready for the Bath HM, mid March. There is so little time and I really am a pitiful excuse for a runner. Trying to balance not doing too much too soon and doing enough is a challenge. I'm having to put the fell running on the back burner. I was hoping to make my return soon but I need to focus on long runs on the weekend, inching up the distance week by week for the next four to five weeks. Up tomorrow is a run out with the Longhope runners.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

So I Did The Swap...

But it was a difficult decision...

My running legs definitely needed an extra day to recover but on the negative side, the forecast is for rain, much more than the drizzle of today. Hopefully I'll manage to summon the will to head out into the wetness.

Today I complete stage 4 of the TdZ on the bike. I took it very easy on the flat sections but did find myself putting in a bit of effort on the 2k climb at the end of the lap - which we did twice. I didn't go overboard so my legs should be a bit more rested than today and ready for that run tomorrow...

Friday, January 24, 2020

Feeling A Bit Jaded

I think sitting down all day in the office didn't help me get going tonight. I was keen to get stage 4 of the Tour de Zwift run and hit the treadmill after work but I couldn't get going. Yesterday's stage 3 on the bike probably added to the feeling of heavy legs. That was good and I went at it pretty hard especially the final sprint. In a group of about ten into the final sprint section I was determined to take it and went from 300m out. I was out of the saddle and putting it down, with 100m to go the pack was closing me down and I went again, adding another 100W to hold on over the line. My timing was spot on. If it'd been another 10m I'd have been taken...

Back to tonight, after the first kilometre it turned into intervals because I knew I wasn't going to enjoy a slow 8k plod. The intervals ranged from 1k to 400m with 200m recovery. I was planning on a longer run tomorrow but I might switch that to Sunday and do an easy bike session tomorrow instead.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ended Up As A Rest Day Yesterday

But I was back on it again tonight with stage 3 of the TdZ on foot with 120+ other virtual sad gits. Only 5.7km but that was enough after a long day at at work. I was feeling tired on the drive home up the motorway but I wasn't not doing it - ssh, don't alert the grammar police! I didn't have much time to prepare once I got home and didn't really warm up properly before the off. Inside the first kilometre I was wondering if I was going to be reduced to a walk break as my legs felt really tight but I jogged on and got through it, making it to the end in one piece. Up tomorrow is more of the tour but in the saddle...

Monday, January 20, 2020

Cold One Tonight

I started the days training with three laps of the virtual track to warm up before heading out into the cold. I was out with the Longhope runners again and tonight we ran about 5k to the three extremities of the village. I went off too quick and paid the price but then again it was my sixth run in seven days so maybe that had something to do with it but I haven't been feeling much fatigue so I don't really think that was a factor. It is going to be an easy recovery day tomorrow on the bike though or maybe just a go on the comfy sofa with my feet up. We shall see...

Sunday, January 19, 2020

The End of a Good Weeks Training

and for the first time in years I very nearly feel a keenness to train rather than feeling like it's a necessary evil - note, I did say very nearly.... Today I ran the first of a three race series on #Zwift on the track. Each race is only short, with the focus on PB'ing. I ramped it up from a slow start to finish slightly less slow - but definitely far from fast. I've set my marker, and next month I will gauge my training by running it faster, ramping it up the same way but starting and hopefully finishing faster.

Anyway, I've managed seven training sessions this week, five of which were runs but I don't feel I've over done things as my legs feel good and they've not all been full on. It's been a good mix. Onwards and upwards.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Nudging Up The Distance

The schedule was for 12k. And I managed to stick to the schedule. Happy with that. It was slow but looking for the positives it was a goodly time on feet. Over all it's been a good week of training, my longest run for a while and also a big step up in the weekly mileage. Importantly, without feeling like I've over done thing. The clock is well and truly ticking towards the Bath Half but I'm feeling more positive I can get in enough training to make it round (albeit in a personal worst time). 

Friday, January 17, 2020

TdZ Stage 2 in the Saddle

A repeat of stage 2 Tour de Zwift but on the bike this time. We rode two laps of the Innsbruckring for an 18k ride total. I took it steady on the first lap - until we hit the hill where I tested myself a little. I gained almost fifty places on the short but sharp climb. From there I put in a bit more effort and held things before the climb for second time, where I gained around another twenty five places. I then pushed it hard into the finish to try and keep the gains and finished respectably well inside the top half of the group - first time in a while. Not that it's a race - 'cept people do!

Not going to let on my plans for the weekend in case I'm a lazy git and don't manage to stick to them... 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

TdZ Stage 2

Felt pretty up for the 9km of stage 2 of the Tour de Zwift tonight. There was no hint of hitting the couch - well not until I was done. I set off pathetically slowly and nudged up the pace every few minutes. A quick 9km it was not but it was steady and my final heart rate was high. That's three days in a row and it was my longest, consistent run for a while and one to build on from. Next up is... well, it's stage 2 of the Tour de Zwift of course, but this time in the saddle...

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Steady build with a few quick bits

So I'm now moving towards extending the run - I actually pretty much need to as time is running out for Bath! It was a 4k build up with four 200m/r200m reps to finish. 6k in all. Managed to keep the heart rate a little lower tonight, or more accurately the peak wasn't quite as high. Up tomorrow is the 9k of the second stage of the Tour de Zwift, followed Friday by stage 2 of the bike version (hopefully).

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Bit Of A Run After Work

So I didn't make it out for a run yesterday. Still wasn't feeling 100% and with the weather... well suffice to say it wasn't going to happen. I sort of made amends tonight with a 5k go on the treadmill [it's still s#!t out and I'm a pussy]. It was okay and hopefully I will pick up a few more runs through the week. My fitness is still terrible but at some point soon I'm going to head back to the hills to come last or there abouts fell 'racing'...

Sunday, January 12, 2020

A Tour Double

Still feeling a bit off but that didn't stop me. I started the days training with stage 1 of the Tour de Zwift on the bike. Then a two hour break before I was off on stage 1 for the runners. It was the biggest field I've run in on Zwift, there were over 250 of us. Gave a bit of focus to chase down those ahead after a slow start. 5.7km.

For the bike I chose the short, flat option. Just 31km and next to no climb. It was an equivalently big field as that of the run that followed. That allowed for higher speeds in the draft - just as well as my power wasn't high. Good day's training.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Been Feeling A Bit Off

Managed a run of sorts yesterday. Was okay but harder work than it should have been. I had planned another run today but feeling a bit off. I was close to ducking out altogether but I mustered for a Zwift ride workout although I did dial the power down. Hoping to get a goods nights sleep, feel better and make a start on the opening day of the Tour de Zwift. They've made it bike and run this year and I'm hoping to complete the seven stages in both formats.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Back Out With LHR Massif

But my legs knew I'd done the intervals yesterday. We were running a twenty-twenty session. Twenty minutes out. Turn round. Twenty minutes back. I went off too quick and my legs said no. I eased off but by that point I was plodding - and still puffing like an asthmatic donkey heading to the knacker's yard. Definitely a running rest day tomorrow. Maybe a very easy recovery Zwift ride instead...

Sunday, January 05, 2020

More Reps

A proper session this time. Ten 300m reps off 100m recovery on the virtual track. I was on the limit by the last couple, my heart rate just not quite recovering before the start of the next putting me into deficit. With only a couple to go I was able to hold it together, focusing on holding my form. It's still all pretty pitiful on the pace front but I've got to knuckle down from here on in. I'm out with the Longhope runners again tomorrow and then it'll be something midweek.

PS, have to say I am enjoying the virtual track. Almost feels like the real thing.

Saturday, January 04, 2020

Virtual Park Run....

Because I overslept big time. Alarm went off at half seven. Thought I'd catch a few extra moments of slumber - which turned out to be an extra hour and a half of slumber! I guess I must have needed it. Suffice to say I didn't make the Mallards Pike park run. Instead I hit the treadmill for a virtual park run. Not quite the same but better than nothing.