Friday, January 24, 2020

Feeling A Bit Jaded

I think sitting down all day in the office didn't help me get going tonight. I was keen to get stage 4 of the Tour de Zwift run and hit the treadmill after work but I couldn't get going. Yesterday's stage 3 on the bike probably added to the feeling of heavy legs. That was good and I went at it pretty hard especially the final sprint. In a group of about ten into the final sprint section I was determined to take it and went from 300m out. I was out of the saddle and putting it down, with 100m to go the pack was closing me down and I went again, adding another 100W to hold on over the line. My timing was spot on. If it'd been another 10m I'd have been taken...

Back to tonight, after the first kilometre it turned into intervals because I knew I wasn't going to enjoy a slow 8k plod. The intervals ranged from 1k to 400m with 200m recovery. I was planning on a longer run tomorrow but I might switch that to Sunday and do an easy bike session tomorrow instead.

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