Monday, September 30, 2019

Harder Work

My legs weren't feeling entirely fresh but not too bad so I decided on a real run. It's been a while and I found it hard work. Partly, I think, because my legs didn't feel totally fresh but more due to the fact it's hard to keep the pace low and I kept drifting too fast for my currently level of fitness. The beauty of the treadmill is that you can control the pace, out in real life, because my current capability is so low, I found myself going faster than I'm good for.

I used my power monitor to try and keep within my capability but ever time I glanced at it the power was too high compared to where it should be. That meant I blew up and struggled in the later half. It was my longest run to date though, 6.5km. Need to get more self control on the pacing but it was a start. More to come - but not tomorrow which is definitely a full rest day.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Easy Ride

Just an easy 60 minute recovery virtual group ride to finish this years #Zwift Academy. Despite not pushing things yesterday my legs didn't feel fresh hence the easy ride. All part of the master plan to factor in plenty of rest and recovery. Going to see how the legs feel before deciding on tomorrow's training...

Saturday, September 28, 2019

A Double (but Without Overdoing It)

So I started off with a easy to medium effort on the bike. A short 13k #Zwift race. It was really just a warm up for the running but I did end up chasing a few riders down in the later stages. Just couldn't help myself. Didn't hit the burn so wasn't an issue.

I then followed up with another easy run on the treadmill. More structured this time as I programmed in the speeds and distances before hand. Five gently ramped efforts of 1, 1.25, 1.25, 1.25 and 1k with the pace of the ramps building up to the middle one and then back down again - probably haven't explained that well.

It's all very low key but it's another day and another small increase in distance, 5.75km and most importantly, didn't push me into the burn zone. I'm wanting to surge on and really test things but I'm sticking to the plan. Slowly does it, small gains and get to the final destination in good shape and ready to rumble...

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Putting In A Bit More Effort...

but not too much - lets not get silly. It was a race on #Zwift and I actually put in some effort tonight. My first proper test. Not anywhere approaching my best and I kept to the D category but I definitely knew I was working. Even got a little caught up in the racing, pushing hardish to break away halfway through the final lap of four - and I stayed away. I wasn't last tonight.

The good news, was that with the harder effort, with some at 150% FTP on the short climbs, I didn't get the instant burn of a few weeks ago. I feel like I've worked out tonight for sure but nothing too over the top. I'm pacing things. Definitely feeling more and more positive that the worst is behind me and as long as I build it slowly I'll continue to make my way back.

Might be an easy jog tomorrow. Might be nothing at all. Might be an easy spin. It all depends on how the legs feel....

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Another Slow One

After taking a rest day yesterday it was time for another go on two feet. I ran slightly longer efforts, around 1km each, hitting a slightly higher pace towards the end of the efforts but overall the pace was still very low. I added on an extra 250m to the total distance, 5.25km.

It's still very much baby steps at this stage. I'm taking it slow. Going to just keep edging things up week on week. Taking plenty of recovery along the way. I finished with a very short ten minute spin on the bike.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Yep, Definitely Back To Square One...

So after yesterday's very gentle return to running, my legs are a little stiff today. 5k at a paltry pace and my legs ache. Now that is pathetic.

Today was a very easy 1hr30 on the Zwift. It was technically a race but I dropped to the D category (from the C) and kept the power and heart rate low and spun the legs. I was last by a country mile but it was a recovery for me and the race was there just to give me a distance target to stick to.

Tomorrow is a gentle run if the legs feel completely recovered or another easy bike session.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

No Burn!

Okay, so it wasn't exactly a full on session as it was my first 'run' for over two weeks having taken my medicine. I'm not going to rush things. Baby steps but the signs from today's easy 5k give me hope I'm on the mend but I've lost so much fitness in the five weeks of reduced training, with the last two weeks of it being almost total rest. I think it's been necessary though.

The intervals were at a quite pathetic pace but the same pace was causing my legs to burn with lactic acid five weeks ago so I wasn't going to be stupid. Recovery was 250m and I gauged the rep length as I went. I wanted to stay well away from hitting the burn but really didn't know what to expect.

The first one was 500m and felt fine. The next about 600m, then a couple of 750m before a final 1k. At no stage did the legs feel close to getting the burn - happy days. I didn't find it too hard - just as well from such a low pace - and was within myself at the end of each effort. My heart rate rose to 160, which is pretty high considering the low pace but for the last weeks I've not been able to get it up - ooh er matron. During the last few weeks, it's only been reaching 150bpm before the burn hit. So the fact I was able to sustain a higher heart rate in itself I take as a sign of improvement (despite the low pace).

I'm pretty happy it's now time resume training and will be putting a schedule together. Going to start gently and build - plenty of recovery this time though. Rather than letting this blip put me off, I am more determined than ever to get back. What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger...

Friday, September 20, 2019

Slightly Higher Effort After Much Rest

It's been another easy week. In fact I've not even done a spin - until today. I increased the effort a fraction, seeing as how I've been resting. I didn't push into the burn although the effort wasn't without having to put in some work. I feel caught between losing fitness from too much rest and cranking things back up too soon.

I'm not going to be feeling like a run tomorrow on account of spending much of the day doing the race timing at the Black Mountains fell race. Might manage an easy spin when I get back. Sunday I'm going to test things with a gentle jog. That will be the real test of how well my legs have recovered from the over training...

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Got My Training For The Black Mountains Race Done....

Don't panic. I'm not running. I'm on registration, operating the Racetek timing system. And by heck there's a lot to it. Hopefully I've made enough notes so I get it right on the day. [Fingers crossed]

As to real training I did a short #Zwift race yesterday, 10k. I didn't push overly hard but did nudge the effort up a little as I wanted to 'feel' if I was able to increase the power a little without get the burn. My average power was a little improved and I didn't get significant burn. Today, I did hours recovery spin on low effort to get the blood flowing without putting too much stress on my legs.

Going to give it another very easy week before I attempt to start increasing things. Going to make sure I take enough rest days this time around...

Friday, September 13, 2019

Been A Quiet Week On The Training Front

It's actually been quite difficult not doing much and just resting. I did another gentle hours spin on Wednesday but other than that it's been rest and recovery all the way. Going to do something tomorrow or Sunday or maybe both, but again, it's going to be very low intensity. I can feel the gains made in the early part of the year ebbing away but needs must. Got to look to the long term...

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Easy Spin

Although I want to take a few weeks off. Well it's more a case of needing to rather than wanting to, in order that the legs recover. The trouble with not doing anything is that I might get out of the habit, and not to mention that I'll go insane not doing anything - well more insane anyway. So today I dialled down the FTP to 100W (from 212W) so I could spin out an hour's #Zwift Academy workout.

That provided absolutely no training effect whatsoever but it made me feel better. To be doing something without actually putting any stress on my frail and feeble body was definitely better than doing nothing at all.

More spinning to follow...

Saturday, September 07, 2019

The Lawson Influence...

So despite planning a loooong lie in this morning, I didn't - well not that long anyway. I was restless and couldn't stop thinking about all that dirt and grime on the bike. I wouldn't have worried about it a few months ago but I've been subjected to a bad influence so I had to get it clean again - not to mention coupled back to the trainer.... An hour later and a bit of elbow grease, the chain, front ring, cassette and all the other bits are back sparkly. Grrrrh.

As to my legs, they aren't sore or achy at all. I think that's down to the fact that despite getting the burn almost instantly when applying any effort I'm wasn't actually doing any muscle damage. Despite that it's been a recovery day. In fact it's going to be a recovery few weeks. I'm not going to do nothing, just nothing of any intensity.

Friday, September 06, 2019

About As Bad As I Expected....

The flat? No problem. The inclines? Big problem. The moment the road went skyward my quads were on fire almost instantly. Not ideal when your 80k charity ride has three decent climbs or 1060m asscent. Going to have take a few weeks near total rest me thinks to get this knocked on the head.

Looking at things differently, I only had one day of suffering, those in need of WaterAid's help have to suffer the effects of no or dirty water every day.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Three Lakes Challenge

It's going to be a very sociable ride this Friday in aid of WaterAid. There's about a dozen of us taking to two wheels with thirty or so on two feet, traversing from Cheddar reservoir, past Blagdon and finishing at Chew Valley Lake. The ride follows a circular route, anti-clockwise, starting and finishing at Head Office and taking in the same three lakes.

Taking most of the day, we won't be going at it hard [well I won't be that's for damn sure] but I'd like to try and hit the main climb pretty solidly - if my legs will allow. On that front, still feeling the burn too soon. I did an easy 30 minutes yesterday which felt a little better but somehow still not totally how it should be.

Ride stats for Friday are 78km with 1050m of ascent, the main climb being the segment up Cheddar Gorge - I've virtually ridden it so it'll be interesting to ride in real life....

The route is anti-clockwise starting and finishing at HQ

Here is a link to the collective team sponsorship page if anyone feels so inclined. We are raising money for WaterAid.

From the WaterAid Website:- 
"Right now, some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised people don’t have clean water to drink, decent toilets or hygiene. Without these basics, overcoming poverty is just a dream.
But when you help us to dig a well or install a tap stand in a community, you're changing the lives of children for the better. They can dream again. 
Every child should have a bright future ahead of them and focus on being a child - not walking long distances to collect and drink dirty water.
785 million people in the world – one in ten – do not have clean water close to home. We'll keep working until everyone, everywhere has clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. But we can’t do it without you."

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Recovery Day And A Clean Chain

So ahead of Friday's bike ride [in the real world] I thought I'd get my machine in as tip-top a condition as my meagre bike maintenance skills allow. Exercise wise I did a relatively easy thirty minutes on, yes you guessed it, #Zwift. An odd one. My quads definitely knew I'd "ran" yesterday but maintaining the recovery 2.5W/kg wasn't overly taxing. I was expecting to be on lower power in order for it to be recovery rather than effort so maybe I'm over the nadir...