Monday, September 30, 2019

Harder Work

My legs weren't feeling entirely fresh but not too bad so I decided on a real run. It's been a while and I found it hard work. Partly, I think, because my legs didn't feel totally fresh but more due to the fact it's hard to keep the pace low and I kept drifting too fast for my currently level of fitness. The beauty of the treadmill is that you can control the pace, out in real life, because my current capability is so low, I found myself going faster than I'm good for.

I used my power monitor to try and keep within my capability but ever time I glanced at it the power was too high compared to where it should be. That meant I blew up and struggled in the later half. It was my longest run to date though, 6.5km. Need to get more self control on the pacing but it was a start. More to come - but not tomorrow which is definitely a full rest day.

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