Thursday, September 26, 2019

Putting In A Bit More Effort...

but not too much - lets not get silly. It was a race on #Zwift and I actually put in some effort tonight. My first proper test. Not anywhere approaching my best and I kept to the D category but I definitely knew I was working. Even got a little caught up in the racing, pushing hardish to break away halfway through the final lap of four - and I stayed away. I wasn't last tonight.

The good news, was that with the harder effort, with some at 150% FTP on the short climbs, I didn't get the instant burn of a few weeks ago. I feel like I've worked out tonight for sure but nothing too over the top. I'm pacing things. Definitely feeling more and more positive that the worst is behind me and as long as I build it slowly I'll continue to make my way back.

Might be an easy jog tomorrow. Might be nothing at all. Might be an easy spin. It all depends on how the legs feel....

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