Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Well That Went a Bit Wrong...

So, the training plan said rest day or cross-train. Obviously, I went for the cross-train option and chose a Zwift race, fully intending to pootle along at the back in the company of the backmarkers. Well, that was the plan. Turns out, I just can't help racing....

Ten minutes in and I put in a short effort to bridge to the next group up the road. Then, after another few minutes, I went again, over to the next group. Steadying the ship for a few minutes I sat back to cruise the rest of the race. Then a few guys went off the front and I just couldn't help myself. I accelerated to bridge and didn't stop moving away. All of a sudden, I found myself putting out 20-30W more than I've managed for quite literally years. They weren't coming back, and I just kept the hammer down.

I picked up four more places on the main climb, making up several minutes on those riders, and went past them like they weren't even pedalling. Over the top, I didn't stop, keeping the effort going to finish.

It was almost a rest day... 15% FTP increase!!

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