Saturday, December 15, 2018

Delightful Day Atop A Mountain...

So it was another day of marshalling. The Skirrid Fell Race, summit checkpoint this time, ably abetted in crime with the legend that is JD. Conditions were not pleasant. Strong, cold winds and rain. The top was in the mist and that doesn't aid spotting the race numbers. Despite the conditions we managed to capture most of the numbers and times although the conditions were somewhat against us so there may be a few errors or omissions. [crosses fingers not too many - and don't forget we did our best]. We were up there just about an hour and to say we were very happy to see the sweeper come through so we could pack up and get the hell out of there is an understatement.

Despite really wanting to get back off the hill as fast as possible, we still had time to collect in some of the marker flags on our way back down. On that front, ascending the main, steep descent is less than ideal in walking boots. Boots are good for keeping your feet warm but bloody rubbish at providing any sort of grip. I went down a few times - but most importantly managed to keep hold of the flags as I did, rather than flinging them, slapstick style, all over the mountain.

I was glad to get back to the car to be able to get into some dry clothes. Then it was into the Skirrid Inn for a few pleasantries before heading home.

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