Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh happy day

I went down the gym after work and put in a solid, hour long, raise off the seat in places, bike session. Then a sprinkling on the weights but I felt a bit tired. I think it's more the fact of a long day at work rather than anything more serious.

I'm going to hit a short run tomorrow and then a longer 10 miler on Saturday - at an easy pace it has to be said. Might try a few little bursts of pace to mix things up a bit - ooh, what a devil I am.

Thought for the day: I'm writing a book - I've got the page numbers done.


Anonymous said...

Alrite Dave! I hear you are runnin Sunday as am i, do you know who else is going?? Nick

The Mad Runner said...

Not really sure Nick. I know they want to try and put together as many teams as possible. I can give Sean a lift if he wants to run but don't know if he even knows about it.
How's the fan club going?

Anonymous said...

At the last check we are up to 11! Hahaa!! See you Sunday! Nick

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