Saturday, September 01, 2007

23 before tea

I had a reasonable run this afternoon, covering about 23 miles. I decided to go commando - no, not without pants, thank you very much - without fuel or liquids - to give my body one final bash of going through the wall. In that respect it was good.

My route was a bit too hilly (and off road) to worry about the time - which was a bit slow but the important thing was that I managed to find the door in the wall and scooted straight through to infinity and beyond.....

Well, that's was the last of the long runs. I just hope I've done enough - and fast enough - to enable me to maintain 6:45 pace for 26 miles. There isn't much more I can do now so I'm not going to worry. I have to admit to feeling a bit tired of late so I'm just hoping the next few weeks tapering back will get my energy levels topped back up.

I might just mention that I did manage to put in a quick 45 minutes on the bike afterwards! You know me - [turns to camera and winks]

Thought for the day: Friends may come and go, but enemies tend to accumulate.

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