Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not so good

It wasn't my best day - not my worst - just not my best. Now, I'm not bitter - well maybe I am, but the old GPS gave the distance at 21.5km - and that's 400m over distance. Even measuring on my OS maps gave the distance at 21.3km and that too is over distance by 200m. I finished in 1:23:56 from the gun and to be honest I'm pissed - a minute slower than my PB. I paced myself on the GPS to 3:54min/km which is 6:15 mile pace and bang on what I wanted - and faster pace than my PB - but when I finished I was over time. 6:15 should be inside 1:22 so to be honest I'm pissed - well actually I am - I went down the boozer afterwards and met up with a few mates but never the less I'm disappointed by the time. Eight o'clock and I'm home now but I can't help doubt the true distance. I just didn't run that shit. My GPS has never been that far out. Yes it can be the odd twenty or thirty metres but never 400m!!!

At the end of the day I have to accept the race result - and be pissed off with it - but I know in my heart I ran well today. I ran even pace throughout and should have got the reward. Anyway, irrespective of the official time I know how I ran and I ran well.

Putting the disappointment aside - and me being ever so slightly mad - I even managed a quick 30 minutes on the exercise bike down the gym afterwards so I obviously wasn't too worn out by it all. I'm now going to hit the taper ahead of Berlin knowing that I can break 3 hours - regardless of what today's clock told me.

Thought for the day: Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.


Anonymous said...

why didnt you follow the mile markers as well to be sure?

The Mad Runner said...

Unfortunately, with the Bristol Half, the mile markers just get stuck on Lamp posts, coupled with the fact that they've never been accurate in the past, means you can't rely on them. Last year for example one of the miles (think it was six or seven) took about nine minutes while the next took four - even if I slowed for the nine minuter there's no way I could have done a four - on foot.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing but in a way gives me some pleasure. As I wanted it for a qualiying time for the New York Gawd knows what would have happened if it had been short. Still waiting for official time but looks like I will be in.

madmike from Runners World and ran with you once at the Gym. Well behind you anyway. Will need a month to repair the body and then be back.

The Mad Runner said...

Glad you ran well and thumbs up to getting the time for New York. I want to run it some day.

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