Saturday, September 15, 2007

Make that a tenner

I happily managed to follow up on yesterdays run with another easy run - this time a ten miler. Again, I kept things under controlled. Seven minute miling was again the order of the day. It was a pleasant little run - hark at me - when is a training run ever pleasant? Honest guvnor, the time passed quickly and I mostly managed to keep myself off road in and around Leigh Woods. I followed that up with an easy half on the bike to cool off.

I think I'm all set for tomorrow and the Clevedon Road Relay 5k. Definitely didn't over do it today so I should be reasonably quick. Not sure if I'll manage, or want to reach the heady heights of last years 18:13. Shouldn't do me any harm in the grand scheme of things so I might give it a blast - it is only 5k after all....

Thought for the day: Yield to temptation - it may not pass your way again!

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