Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Come in red leader......

My wotsits have warmed up a bit from last night - stop it, I'm not going there. Must stay on 'track' tonight - ooh, that's a bad one.

I was red leader tonight. Rick couldn't make it but called me up to let me know the session. The lads are racing in the English schools on the weekend so it was short stuff again. We ran six sets of one 400m followed by one 300m with 90s recoveries. Like all good leader's I led from the rear - shut it. I'd love to lead from the front but unless I take a baseball bat to the boys legs that ain't ever going to happen!

We all worked hard tonight and put in a good session. Conditions were good. It was cold but calm. There was definitely something in the air though. The 400's were pretty quick. I knocked them out between 70 and 72, which is towards my top end, and the boys were in the range 64 to 70. Somehow the the legs wouldn't go any quicker for the 3's though. I was 51 to 53 and the boys were 46 to 50. I've been quicker and so have they so we'll put it down to the cold.

Good to see Ben and his brother out on the track again. Fingers crossed training goes well. Take it steady Ben.

Thought for the day: There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness"

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