Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gym run Tuesday

I've been neglecting my mates (running wise) down at the gym for quite a while - we're talking several months. I used to get with them most Tuesday's but since I've hit the training trail with the MD I haven't had any chance to get out and run with them. Anyway, tonight I hit the road with them again - and it was good and we covered just over ten miles (which included a few hills). I also met and ran with a fellow Bristol and West runner, Mary P. She's targeting the Bath Half and after tonight's performance I think she has ever chance of achieving her goal. So good luck Mary.

Thanks to a kindly comment on the blog I now have my backup race pencilled in for this coming Saturday. It's a fair bit of a travelling over to Mid Wales but I've had some good races over in Wales so far this year and there's no reason to suspect this will be any different. I do have a dilemma though. Do I run the 5 miler or the 20 miler? Ideally I would like about ten miles but that isn't an option. All that way for just 5 miles? I think we all know where this one is headed......

Thought for the day: The power to command frequently causes failure to think.

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John Kynaston said...

Go for the 20 .... you know you want to!! It's hardly worth going all that way for just 5miles. John

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