Monday, March 26, 2007

Sore leg Monday

I have, once again, proved indestructible - mind you - it ran me pretty close this time. My legs are sore but not significantly so. I even managed to get down the gym for half an hour on the exercise bike - and the obligatory half hour on the weights, of course. I'm 100% confident I will be able to run my normal speed session on Wednesday at the track - cocky git - permission to give me a slap granted - but as a precaution I'm not going to run the Aztec mile reps tomorrow - not so cocky now, eh!

With the 20 race target all but in the bag I'm now looking for some new challenges in the coming months. Something that I can fit around my build up to the Berlin marathon. I'm initially thinking go long and slow - nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more. I'm a great fan of over distance training - that is, training longer than race distance to be able to stay the course and be strong to the finish. So maybe I will look for a couple of short ultra's - nice oxymoron type word thingumy - somewhere in the region of 30 to 35 miles, with the emphasis on going the distance rather than running it quickly. As long as I build for that soon enough it should really give me some staying power for the marathon. I'm giving some serious thought to running/hiking the Lairig Ghru when I'm on my hols up in the Highlands of Scotland later in the year. It's a famous pass through the Cairngorm mountains, about 26 miles long. Could be fun!

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John Kynaston said...

Thanks for your comments about my run on Saturday.

Just watched your camcap from Sundays race. Great video but sounds a tough run. I'm sure having to rush to the start and set off didn't help.

One more race to go ... well done!

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