Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Almost gave in......

...... but not quite.

Tonight's session was tough - almost too tough. We ran 4 sets of one 400 followed by one 600 with two minute recoveries. Yesterday's session on top of Sunday's hard effort had taken its toll. I almost stepped off the track during the 600m rep of the third set. I had slowed dreadfully but the shame I would receive from the lads I could not bear so hung on to finish. Then I drew on my reserves to complete the fourth and final set. My times? Sadly, not quick, 72, 1:50, 73, 1:53, 73, 1:57, 73 and 1:55 to finish.

As is normal for our Wednesday session, talk soon turned to disposing of the body - my body, that is - in case I died during the fourth set. The discussion centred on the merits of bleach verses burning - only joking - because obviously there is no contest for best method of eliminating evidence. Bleach wins every time - no, really, only kidding. And anyway, you'll all be glad to know (or maybe not for those that know me!) that we didn't need to carry out any field studies since I survived!

Sean was off running the Street 5k tonight, setting a new PB I might add, but the rest of the lads were all present and correct. And we even had a stand in for the absent Sean in the form of our coach, the inimitable Rick W. Lapping again after a gap of two years through injury and looking good - in a non-kinky, running form sort of way.

Finally, after tonight, I think I've all but destroyed my chances of a quick time tomorrow in the Weston Prom 5 Mile race. Break thirty minutes? I severely doubt it. Break 30:23? I'm going to try since that would be a new PB but, again, I think the likelihood is low. Anyway, you know me, never say never, I'm going to give it my all.

Thought for the day: If something's worth doing it's worth doing your best.

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