Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Speeeeeed session

Conditions on the track were the best we've had them for a goodly while. To make things even better all the lads were there - a full regiment, Harry, Rob, Sean and Nick - and for the oldies, Gareth and me. Everyone has been racing over the last few weekends, I think I can even recall taking part in a couple myself. So tonight was another short and sharp session of 4's, 3's and 2's.

I hit the three 4's in 72, 70 and 69s - which is about as quick as I've ever done them. The 3's where a tad slower than last week, we ran four and I managed 50, 50, 49 and 49s. I was pleased with that. I wasn't a million miles away from last weeks times and tonight the wind was easy where as last week we had the benefit of the strong wind behind us.

The 2's? What can I say? We ran two and I managed to set a new PB, not just a common or garden training PB but an actual PB - doesn't say much, I know, my previous PB was not exactly fast, set last year at Hereford, in a time of 30.5s. Anyway I managed 30.7 and ...... 29.6s - have some. Even managed to blanket finish with Harry and Nick.

Well, there 'tis. I was right about feeling good for tonight. It was marvellous. Now for some easing down before Sunday's Hogweed Hilly Half - should be a good one. I'm going to take it quite serious and do a three day taper - can't believe I just said that!!!

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