Saturday, March 03, 2007

Episode V: Tumble Down

Here is Episode V - don't laugh when I take the tumble - I thought it was mandatory and you'd be disqualified if you didn't take one at some point during the race!

PS Googles Video have somehow lost the first 30s of the race from start after the titles are shown, it is there in my original but not on the uploaded version - I will be providing a link to the you tube version as soon as it is uploaded - which hopefully will be complete.

PPS The foot seems to be easing a bit so fingers crossed for tomorrow - or should that be toes crossed?

PPPS I have decided my twentieth race, taking place on Saturday 24th March (unless, that is, I can find anything slightly easier) - it's going to make it a hard weekend, racing on both the Saturday and Sunday, with a combined race distance of...... 29 miles and 7000ft of ascent! But as my faithful Nepalese Guru would say, better to try than wonder what if......

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