Monday, March 05, 2007

Monsoon Monday

It's Monday and I have a severe race hangover - NOT. Couldn't face the rain again today, though - not after yesterday - and in any case I haven't got any more dry clothes or shoes! So it was down to the gym for a workout with the weights instead of running. Before I hit the weights I did the exercise bike fit-test just to see how fatigued I was but clocked up my highest ever score, 51.9. So I'm guessing I'm not that fatigued! I can't believe how good I feel after a hard weekend of racing. Even the foot is fine. Maybe I need to pick more races or harder ones?

Anyway, I'm guessing that you've all had enough of my self enforced poetry week. So this week, I will be using performance art through the medium of modern interpretive dance instead. Thank god I'm only joking ...... or am I? - no, really, I'm just kidding - seriously, I'm just tugging your leg......


Anonymous said...

Hi Mad Runner,

I'm a Hogweed Trotter and would like to wish you good luck in our race on Sunday. I did the course yesterday morning in the wind and rain and still enjoyed.

I've been following your Blog for a couple of months now and LOVE it.

Look out for you Sunday.


The Mad Runner said...

Thanks Bidders, and glad you enjoy my ramblings.

I'm looking forward to the Hogweed Hilly. I'm even going to take a rest day on Saturday so I'm at maximum capacity!

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