Sunday, March 11, 2007

A stitch in time does NOT save nine

The Hogweed Hilly looks to be every bit a great race. Well organised and marshalled. Even the weather was pretty decent. It should have been a joy to race but for me it was a bit disappointing. I was going along really steady until six miles but the steep downhill sections had taken their toll - I got a stitch which actually forced me to stop for a few seconds. Alas, I could not rid myself of it and the final seven miles where hell and really quite uncomfortable.

It was most disappointing. I was in about seventh place at the time and feeling good. I had plenty of leg strength and didn't feel in anyway tired. I was even beginning to start thinking about my race position and plan my method of attack on those few places just ahead. The stitch was a killer blow which turned the race from 'how high will I come' to 'how many places will I lose'. I was in such a good position but I knew I was doomed.

I've had this problem before. I bump up and down too much on the descents which jiggles my insides and I end up with a stitch. Oh well, maybe next year. I managed to hold on to a top ten spot - but only just, in a time of 1:28:30 but I should have been at least a minute quicker. I must train coming down hill if I am to rid myself of this evil curse. I should feel happy since 10th is still bloody good but I cannot rid myself of this feeling of disappointment born of frustration.

Well done to Lisa N. She overtook my at just beyond that six mile point and didn't look back, finishing 1st woman and sixth overall. And well down the Graham G, Mark D and Graham C.

And cheers to the shout-out at around seven miles, cheering for the Mad Runner, as recognised from the blog.

Thought for the day: Success always occurs in private, and failure in full view.

(Video of the race to follow......)

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