Wednesday, March 28, 2007

12 Hour shift

First off I have to say I did not bottle tonight's track session. I might get some stick from the boys, 'yeah, yeah, sure you couldn't make it because you were working', they'll say but what they'll mean is 'you bottling, no good, lazy slacker'. Gods honest truth guvnor, at 7:30pm I was still in Frome busy working. I really wanted to get out on the track tonight as me and the legs were feeling good but when work calls I answer. I did not get home until 8:30pm - long after they'd all be safely tucked up in bed - how likely is that?

Looks like I might possibly not run at all this week - until the weekend that is, when I'll run a leg of the Midland Road Relays if needed (or more preferable the Pen Cerrig Caulch fell race) and then the Chedworth Roman Trail 10 on Sunday.

Thought for the day: The five most essential words for a healthy, vital relationship "I apologise" and "You are right."


Anonymous said...

Well, that's rather disparaging to suggest that the boys would say you were bottling it last night . . but you'd be correct.
We did wonder where you were; I really had to whip the boys to make an effort as you weren't there to push them along.
We had a new lad, Matthew, who wanted to run in the footsteps of the mad runner on his home track - he was so disappointed, but still had a good session with the lads and should be back next week.

The Mad Runner said...

I shall definitely be back next week to ensure the lads put in 110% - can't have them slacking (just because I was!!!)

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