Thursday, March 29, 2007

Up and over Dundry

Another hard day at work left me feeling that I couldn't be arsed to go down the gym - and subsequently didn't - damn. I had to fight myself to get out for even a short run - but I made it. Headed up over Dundry - the first time in ages but only for a quick five miles - still, I feel better for it, even if there wasn't much training benefit to be gained. I did, however, get up to the top quicker than I've ever managed before so I'm definitely recovered from the weekend. Here's a pic from the top, firstly looking back over my illustrious home town of Bristol and secondly, looking across to Chew Valley Lake (far in the distance).

It now looks like I shall be required to run at the road relays - as I knew would be the case. There's still a small but ever decreasing chance I won't be needed but the likelihood is that Pen Cerrig is off the menu. My problem is that I'm far too much of a team player to say no - I sometimes wish I could put 'me' first - but that just ain't my style - damn it.

Thought for the day: Everyone seems normal until you get to know them!

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