Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not Cooking On Gas...

because I'm on electric. So, after much cogitation - I love that word - I have finally purchased myself a cook book. Being, what can loosely be described as, bloody rubbish at cooking, a book with simple, easy recipes was required. Finally, after many - OK, a couple - of recommendations and deliberation I finally decided to part with my hard earned cash on the book recommended by running buddy Martin - he was most fanatical about it and put forward an impassioned case. It was a hard decision to part with so much money for a cook book that might not see much action - I now another 'thing' that doesn't see much action anymore. In the end I stumped the princely sum of £2.81...

The book in question - and the title does make it sound more pompous than the content inside would suggest - is 'Best-Ever Low Cholesterol Cook Book' by Christine France. After briefly thumbing through the pages it does indeed look right up my street - oooh, matron. The recipes within do not appear overly healthy at the cost of flavour. Said recipes do, however, look mighty tasty and, more importantly, fairly uncomplicated - I honestly reckon I might be able to manage these recipes. This might just be the cook book for me. From quick and easy starters, through delicious looking mains to scrumptious deserts - god, did I really say 'scrumptious'? What am I? Some sort of refuge from the Victorian era? - and most importantly cakes to bake. Mmmm mmmm. I can't wait to try out a few of the recipes held within.

Ninety minutes on the bike, a portion of homemade veggie curry from the freezer and I'm all done for the day.

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