Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dilemma Dilemma

and thrice a dilemma. When to run again? and by 'run again' I mean run 'IT' again, The South Wales Traverse: The Rematch.

I'm not really sure what the hell happened out there on the hill yesterday. Although my groin is still a little sore, it really is only a little. It's a massive change from the sharp pain of yesterday. When I could only limp a long looking all the world like someone with special needs - do not say a thing. Not a word. Stum. I said shut it (and no disrespect intended).

I've tested out the water, so to speak, with a bike session. 90 minutes without issue this morning followed by another hour this afternoon. There has been no recurrence and no pain. Perhaps the incident was a sign from Nobberous, the god of fell running, telling me to get off the mountain early because the weather was going to beat me back anyway so retreat ready to fight another day. Either way it has given me a second chance to best the mountain. And my early withdrawal yesterday has given me the chance to take on the mighty Drovers - Stage 14 of the Welsh Castles Relay in two weeks. Although to be fair I would have preferred not to get the chance, if you get my drift. The only dilemma now is what date to set for the rematch?

I'm all booked up in June and I worry that July - even with British weather - may be too hot. So August? But there are a few races I'd like to do - and it can be just as hot as July anyway. So that pushes it back to September... By then the foliage will be at its thickest. So basically my dates are 23rd or 30th July, 6th , 13th August, 10th, 17th, 24th September or 1st, 8th, 15th October. All of which mean possible race sacrifices such as the Brecon Beacons Race, the Black Mountains Race - might have had a-bloody-nough of them by then anyway or the Fell Relays plus a few others. It certainly is a dilemma. All suggestions and advice gladly welcome...

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