Monday, May 30, 2011

Not Sure What To Make Of That

Well I couldn't stay sat on my fat arse all day, now could I? (Actually, I probably could have). Anyway, after completing a pain free ninety minutes on the bike that is just what I was planning. Not intentionally, mind, it was just that I could not face going out to get soaked again. It hadn't stopped raining all day and didn't look like stopping any time soon. Then, suddenly, as if it was famous last words, it stopped. It was now or never and I took the gamble. Donned my kit and got on out there.

I wasn't going to try the full Longhope loop after the bike session this morning and opted for the Hobbs Quarry Tour - and why the hell do I name my training routes? On second thoughts, don't answer that. The HQT is only three miles but hilly. Enough to gauge the state of the injury and after an initial couple of minutes easy running with no ill affect I picked it up and started to push. By the time I was heading along the top ridge I wasn't holding back much and there was still no sign of Saturday's problem. I was expecting to feel something, even if just a little discomfort but nothing. Odd, very odd and I'm not sure quite what to make of it. I suppose I should be pleased but the not knowing plays on my mind. Still, I was lucky with the weather. Not five minutes after making it back inside the heavens opened and the onslaught of torrential rain resumed once more - perhaps nobberous smiles on me once more...

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