Thursday, May 26, 2011

Only A Day And A Half Now...

Last night, as I joined the final dots of my master plan, it suddenly dawned on me as to just how much preparation I still had left to complete. I realised I needed to have all my support runner kit up together by the time I met up with the 'Getaway Driver' on Friday morning. Doh. An emergency extra day off work was required and I've not stopped all day - I'm bloody knackered. On the plus side, everything is complete. And what isn't actually in the 'support pile' is on the list ready to be ticked.

I feel like Bruce Forsyth when I go through the list. One bag of warm clothing to change into at the finish. One bag containing a full set of spare kit including Mizuno Wave Harriers. A Bag of transition food. One bag of emergency 'top up' food - which I hope I won't need to use, 'cause if I do I'll know I'm on the ropes... Four sports energy drinks - just in case. Plenty of spare water with associated electrolyte tabs - can't be too careful. One bag of 'stage food' - all sub-bagged ready for my support runners to collect and carry. Twelve 500ml bottles of water similarly ready to be collected. One bag of 'standard fell kit' which will be transferred from support runner to support runner at transition. One MagicShine head torch and spare battery - ready to lighten my darkest hours. My bumbag to hold 'bits and bobs'. Sun Block - that's a bloody laugh, but you really can't be too careful. And lastly a full set of extra stage maps for my support crew together with split-time cards. [inhales deeply].

It's definitely all done now. All ready to go. I've picked out the kit I'm going to run in. Tomorrow I rest. Then Saturday I run. I've been keeping an eye on the forecast and it looks gloomy. Visibility doesn't look great. All in all the conditions look 'testing'. But through it all, I will conquer.

PS Shout if you see anythinng I've missed...

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