Monday, May 30, 2011

Supermarkets, Who'd Trust 'Em?

Bit of a boring day ahead. Suffice to say the Longhope loop is not going to happen today - I got wet enough on Saturday to last me at least a month. I'm staying dry today make no mistake. So I guess the highlight of this May bank holiday is going to be my day trip to Tesco. More of morning trip really. Either way it wasn't much of a highlight. And while we're talking about supermarkets, don't you just love their special offers? Two tins for a pound or three for £1.58 - that sounds like an offer too good to refuse... You can't trust 'em I tells ya. Can't trust 'em at all.

Oh yeah, more bike today and I'm going to put thoughts of the traverse onto the back burner for a few days. Going to give myself some breathing space. It's time to re-group - and there's always the Ennerdale fell race on Saturday...

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