Thursday, May 05, 2011

Easing Back For The Weekend

I stuck to my plan for an easy 75 minutes on the bike. Despite having an urge... to go for a run, I held myself back. With Saturday's long - and I mean long - run pretty much confirmed I need to rest up and carb load to some degree. We - Pat is assisting me again, his help has been invaluable - we are going to run in the region of 45 miles from Abercynafon all the way round to Llantony. On paper it's actually going to be my longest ever run and if I can make there I think I'll be able to make it any where, South Wales, South Wales, South Wales, Souuuuthh Waaaaaaaaales. Certainly going to be a long day.

Should be a good test of honing the skill of eating and drinking - hang on, I've not finished my sentence - eating and drinking on the run. When you're going to be out there twelve hours you need to be eating and drinking regularly. The mix of food types has got to be right. Get it wrong and your stomach loops the loop - been there and it isn't good. Get it right and, well, you just have to get it right.

Friday night's going to be a busy time getting everything ready for Saturday's early start...

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