Friday, May 20, 2011

First Ever Sicky... my current job. That's the first one in four and a half years. Mind, I did make it in to work this morning but the stomach was still giving me gip. Couldn't concentrate on anything so had to abort and come home. A bit of a snooze this afternoon and things seem much improved.

Bit annoyed though as it meant I missed the lunch run and being the sensible person I am, I'm not going to train tonight either. Got to be fully operational for tomorrow's big night out - The Spring Ball. Got my DJ sorted - and more importantly, someone to take! Tonight I shall mostly be recuperating to be ready. Then of course, there's also Sunday's Rack Raid Relay where I'm running stage 12 for the Chepstow A team. Definitely can't miss that.

Well it's turned out to be a slightly lighter week than I was planning but I don't think I'll lose all the training in just one week. And I guess it's better to be ill this week rather than next - because that would really really - think I should add another couple more really really's in here - piss me off. Don't even want to think about that. It's been five months of hard training culminating towards just one day, next Saturday. Other than this little blip I'm still feeling good for it...

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