Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Final Blast

Before my Traverse of Dooooom next week. Had a surprisingly quick run. 42 minutes and 34 seconds for the 7 miles of stage 12 of the Rack Raid Relay. And considering it wasn't a flat route that really wasn't too bad at all. 6-ish minute miling - back of.

What makes it all the more remarkable is the state of my hang over this morning after a corking Spring Ball. I'll say one thing for my employer, they put on a great do. The food was tasty, the Blues Brothers band was topper - but I'm not too sure about the string quartet. Drank too much and no doubt looked like a right nobber on the dance floor - my three left feet don't help.

Right, back to the race. I started out towards the front, just off the lead trio and if I'm honest I tried too hard to keep up. A mile or so in I realised I needed to ease off or die - OK, not actually die but fade really really badly. From there I just kept the pace as high as I could. The third placed runner was just in sight for the rest of the run but I just didn't have that extra gear today and settled for fourth. Fourth is good though, and should of been good enough to keep Chepstow in 3rd over all.

Anyway, I'm totally knackered now - who'd have thought after a mere seven miles?

Stage 12 of the Rack Raid Relay:-

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