Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OMG Only Four Days To Go

Beginning to get a little nervous now. Need to start donning the cotton wool. Anyone with a cold can stay the hell away from me.

Just an easy 45 minutes on the bike tonight. Thirty tomorrow and then that will be it till the big day.

Tonight I have turned my attention to sorting out my eating requirements for day. I've broken it down into 'energy portions' based on the rule that the body only accepts in the region of 240-280 calories per hour. Using my schedule I've come up with the number of portions I need to get through during each stage. I'm going to bag up and label the portions for each stage and then just make sure I collect the correct bag at each transition. I'm splitting each bag into two sub-bags with a mix of carbohydrate and protein based foods to help me balance the intake so I avoid eating only carbs or only protein-based foods. It all seems a bit anal but I want to minimise the unexpected as far as I can. I'm relying on my support crew to get me the right foods at the right time because I am thinking I'm not going to be mentally charged by the time I get to the later stages.

I shall, of course, be carrying some extra gels and emergency foods for turbo boost as and when required but like an engine with nitrous oxide injection, you can't use that too much or too often or the engine will blow apart... I'll also have a range of other foods available at transition - but I'll not be sitting down to a pasta lunch like some advise. I shall be sticking to what I have tried in training.

For those interested this is the list of foods for on the stage:-
SIS Isotonic gels - so they can be taken without water if required,
Dried banana pieces,
Peanut butter sarnie-rolls - my own special concoction and
Perpetuem Solids - a late entrant to the event but a worthy one

and this is the list for transition:-
Ambrosia Rice - mmmm mmm,
Banana and
Malt Loaf

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