Friday, May 13, 2011

A Weekend Like No Other...

Like no other for six months, that is. It's going to feel so strange not having to go run for a stupidly long run this weekend - nor, indeed, next. Not going fully cold turkey though, I'm off to the Grwyne Valley for a bit of topiary. No running mind, just a bit of walking. I'm going to clear a few of the brambles and overgrowth from the tiny trail through the forest from Pen Twyn Mawr down to the road. Also, going to put down a few bits of marker tape to guide my path. I know I'm going to be feeling really tired by the time I hit the forest on my traverse so I want to minimise the chances of a cock up. I can't eliminate errors but I can do my best to reduce the severity or number of 'em. The forecast doesn't look too bad so it should be a good morning out.

On other matters, it looks like Google finally managed to sort out the 'Blogger affair' - only lost one post amidst all the downtime. Fortunately, as a man of many backups, I was able to restore the missing post myself.

I can't believe they don't have better resources and redundancy - nice one Google. Way to go. Is the day of Google over? I certainly think it's time I started to spread my eggs around a bit - sssh, no, matron!

Well anyway, a weekend of total laziness is here - well, mostly total laziness - brilliant...

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