Monday, May 16, 2011

The Garage Gauntlet

That time again - the dreaded MOT. No not me, the sports turbo super car - that's the Kia Ceed to you. It failed but only on a minor. One of the rear seat belts had a nick. That would be one of the rear seat belts that I bought with the car. One of the seat belts in the same condition as when I bought the car - because I do actually remember noting the mark at the time but not thinking too much about it. You see, it passed it's MOT back then on purchase - so it can f*%king well pass it now. Suffice to say I had words - it's being replaced on warranty. Garages. Can't live without them - no matter how hard we'd bloody well like to.

Anyway, that meant I had the 5k run to work followed, unsurprisingly, by the 5k run back to the garage after work. Today I pushed it both ways. It was pretty much a full on tempo. Covering the ground in just over 21 and 20 minutes respectively (slightly uphill to work and downhill on the way back). Considering I was carrying my work clothes in the rucksack that wasn't a bad little pace going on. Finished off with 45 minutes on the bike tonight. Been a good day on the exercise front.

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