Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well That Didn't Go To Plan

I remembered to buy a birthday card for me mum last week. I even remembered to sign it and put it ready to take with me this morning. Put it by my lunch box - stop it - ready to take with me. Can't forget that... can I? You bet this numb nut could. Got just past Gloucester and doh! The card! Cue visit to the shops for a replacement. What a nobber. Anyone going to place bets as to whether I can store the 'spare' card safely for next year? - and then find it? No, thought not. Rodney you plonker...

Still, I'm well into my taper. Just a bike session today but it felt much easier than normal. Guess that means I'm getting rested nicely. Am going to try an easy run tomorrow. I'll be working from home on a software specification so provided it doesn't piss down a local run should be a goer.

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