Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easy Up Again

I'm saving myself for Thursday's Handicap race so it was an easy hour tonight. Martin and I have a lunch run pencilled in for tomorrow provided we both manage to remain at the office - and that's certainly not a guaranteed. Then up is Chepstow's Thursday Handicap. Hopefully I will have a good run but I will not be pushing to the limit. Nothing I do over the next two and a half weeks is going to be on the limit - 'cept maybe the Spring Ball where I'm going to party hard with the Big Nobs! (Not really, the big nobs bit that is, the party hard bit, oh yeah baby).

The next couple of weeks are going to see me run some faster stuff starting with said handicap and I'm going to limit the long stuff. Saturday's to be a ten miler, just a local affair. And that for now is the end of the plans...

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