Friday, May 27, 2011

Less Than 12 Hours To Go...

I'm going to be honest here. Brutally so. With just 12 hours to go till I set out on my longest ever run - by quite a margin - I can safely say I'm shitting myself. Twelve short hours to what will be, without doubt, the most challenging test of physical and mental strength - apart from overcoming crohns disease - I've ever attempted. I know I've trained well. I know I've planned well. That doesn't stop the feeling of pure fear. I've roped in some good folk to help me - not least 'The Getaway Driver' aka Dick Finch and Pat 'Don't Know What I'd Have Done Without His Advice and Help' Wooddisse. Can't finish without mentioning Matt Reid (, Mike Wood and my sparring partner from Chepstow Harriers, Matthew Lawson. And lastly my dad for driving me to the start in the middle of the night. I can't face to fail them. So I won't. End of.

The forecast remains one of 'mild' conditions. Some rain and drizzle with winds described as picking up to 'moderate westerly flow'. The visibility should be good, bad or downright ugly - so they're covering all the bases there then. And what does 'westerly flow' mean? Coming from the west or going to the west? I'm hoping it means coming from the west otherwise I shall not be a happy chappy. And while we're on that, what is 'moderate'? Moderate in that it's just a gentle breeze or moderate in that it's strong but not quite enough to blow you off you feet - I'm hoping on the previous.

Well, that's me done. I'm off for a bit of a nap. Big day tomorrow and all that. Oh, and don't forget to check out the Live Location Tracking tomorrow (fingers crossed it works)


Anonymous said...

You'll be great! ... Good Luck :-)

Anonymous said...

You have nothing to prove - you are already awesome!

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