Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I've A Date...

To get back on the horse. This horse, of course, is the South Wales Traverse and the date is the 9th of July. I've too many things planned for June - including BUTLINS, whoooooo hoooooo - so I've chosen my first free weekend after that. July wouldn't be my ideal choice but I need to get this bastard out of my system. Worst case scenario will be high day time temperatures but that's nothing water and sunblock can't counter. And I've been a lot better in the heat these days so I don't fear that as much as once I did.

On other matters, it was another late arrival home tonight so just 75 minutes on the bike while I caught up on various paperwork. I cranked the resistance up and really ground it out - sweaty bastard alert!

This coming weekend has sadly become free - and no, it's too soon for that... Sad because I was off to visit my oldest mate. His son is unwell and getting him well is most important so that means - yes, you guessed it - a trip west of the border to the magic mountains of Wales. I think fifteen to twenty should do the trick. I'll pick a route with a few get out clauses just in case but I don't think there'll be a problem. The horse is going to re-mounted shortly - ooh er...

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