Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Another Successful Workout

What a lucky day. OK, not really that lucky but Martin and I did manage to avoid the showers for our lunchtime run. It ripped it down not ten minutes before we set out and again five minutes after we got back. Result. In fact, just getting out for a run was a bit of a result. My commitment to the cause - the BSP - is amazing even me. Managed a further hour on the bike tonight and some more crunches.

The run itself was better than I expected. It wasn't the fastest but decent enough especially as I could feel a bit of Monday's run in my legs. I chugged up the hill OK. The old hill climbing swagger is coming back to me. I'll be all sorted for Drover's on Sunday, you mark my words. Another couple of runs Thursday and Friday - that's a run on Thursday and a run on Friday, not a couple of runs on each day - should see me ready for the challenge. With a day off on Saturday to recharge the batteries I'll be set to rock the hill...

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