Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shafted By The Weatherman

Yesterday's mountain forecast for the Brecon Beacons today did not look favourable. I took a late decision to swap my long run to tomorrow and consequently set the alarm clock back for a decent lie in. Imagine my disbelief as to the scene I met upon drawing back the curtains. Bright sunshine and nice white fluffy clouds. OK, I thought, it can be a different matter fifty miles away in the mountains but after investigation of various weather websites, including satellite imagery I can safely conclude that I appear to have been stitched up big style.

There's a lesson in there somewhere - when you make a plan, bloody well stick to it. In my defence, the 28th May still haunts me a little and I couldn't face another outing to the mountains in soggy conditions. The whole 'mis-forecast' affair has left me in no mans land. Do I go for a decent run now or take what ever the weather throws at me tomorrow? I've chosen the later. Suffice to say I won't be looking at the forecast tonight. I'll be setting my alarm for an early start tomorrow, taking a full range of kit and be getting on out there regardless - or so I hope...

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