Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Minute Larry

Been a dodgy old training weekend in the end. The weather didn't defeat me the groin did. I felt a bit of a twinge late yesterday evening and decided it's be stupid to attempt a long run with the risk of being caught in the middle of nowhere. It's all very annoying and leaves me with a decision I don't want to make but know I must. I'm going to call off my Traverse attempt for July and regroup.

Perhaps I did build things up too quickly. I started the year in a rather lowly state of fitness. Not quite at the low point but not a million miles away from it. And then, in the space of three short months I'd run my longest ever run, the forty odd miles of the High Peak Marathon. I wouldn't change things but perhaps the build up has just been too prolific - even by Mad Runner standards. Anyway, I don't want to give away too much of my current endurance but I think I need a month of something completely different - OK, not that completely different but I'm going to mix the training regime up a little.

If things go OK then I may look to a late attempt at the traverse towards the end of September but only if I feel right. I'd rather use the rest of the year to fixate my improved fitness levels and be back next year fitter than ever than risk another blow out. I'm going to play the long game on this one...

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MattR said...

Bad luck Dave:(
Here's to a more successful time of it in the autumn. Let me know if I can help out

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