Saturday, June 04, 2011

Nettles Nettles Everywhere

...lucky I thought ahead and took my scythe. Those stingers didn't stand a flipping chance and I like to think I was doing my bit to keep Britain's public rights of way open for business. On the downside my run took bloody ages on account of all the gardening that was going on.

I plumped for a run in the most easterly section of the Black Mountains. In fact it was so far east it was practically in Longhope. Ok, it actually was in Longhope. Couldn't be arsed sit in a stinking hot car for two hours so stayed home instead. On the upside, I was able to cut the lawn and a few other odd jobs before heading out.

I decided to try a few new footpaths. Some were definite additions to the route repertoire - where as others were most definitely not. In fact at one point I ended up in the middle of a small wood with no hint of a path visible. It was there on the map. Even had a way marker but fifty metres in there was sod all happening. Suffice I crashed my way out into a field and re-routed myself using the map.

In all I covered almost fourteen miles and 2,250 feet of ascent. A decent little run by all accounts - especially the bits where I was actually running and not chopping down vegetation or getting lost in the middle of a wood. Got a few good sections of pace going now and again. Hot though, really bloody hot. When I got back home and sat down I started to drip!

I finished off the days work out with half an hour on the bike. A good day indeed.

Today's route:-

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