Monday, June 13, 2011

Recovery Day

My calves have tightened through the day. Everything felt in good working order this morning - keep it clean, please - but through the day it all stiffened up - I said, keep it clean. A bike session later this evening and things feel easier. Not sure what we decided in work regarding a the lunch time run. It was mentioned and I made a note to re-stock but I can't actually remember if we pencilled anything in the diary - been a tiring day, mentally.

On other matters, my spice date and walnut cake went down a treat. At least, that is, it went down. There wasn't any left by the end of play and the feed back was positive - though there are one or two greedy sods in the office who'd eat the sole off an old pair of shoes if it was going free so I'm not sure I can rely on their opinion.

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